Well! First of all, I just looked at this ensemble more closely, and it seems that what I thought was a wide-striped shirt tucked into a thin-striped skirt is more of a very high-waisted thin-striped skirt paired with a wide AND thin-striped crop-top. (The shirt has a wide band of the thin stripes at the bottom.) That was HARD WORK for my tired eyes at the end of the week; I feel like I need a flowchart to totally explain it. It took me ten minutes just to write that sentence! And  then I was like, “well, this explains why she’s wearing those pieces together,” and I guess there’s no better way to make separates match than to, you know, tack a giant band of matching fabric on one of them. AND then I was like, “but I still don’t think it works,” and I guess I don’t. Like, that skirt is CUTE and would be great with a solid tank; the top is also fine and would be cute with, like, high-waisted jeans. So I know what SHE was thinking — they’re An Outfit, they come together — but I’m not sure what the designer was doing, totally. THOUGHTS?

[Photo by Katie Jones/Variety/REX/Shutterstock]