Newly minted Oscar-winning costumer Ruth Carter was honored by the Black Design Collective this past weekend, and I believe Gabrielle Union was present to introduce her and hand off the statuette. Gabrielle wore an up-and-coming black designer named Christopher John Rogers, who is apparently only 24. He called this “a tailored fuchsia Lurex situation” on his Instagram, which made me laugh. It IS definitely a situation. I actually mostly really like it; the cut of the pants just seems a bit square and short, and I wish she’d done a contrasting shoe. Still, it’s a power color and a power outfit, apt for celebrating a woman who used color and texture to create the Black Panther universe and clothe its powerful female and male warriors.

Black Design Collective 1st Scholarship Tribute, Los Angeles, USA - 13 Apr 2019

Here is Ruth with Roshumba, Gabrielle, the Black Design Collective founders, and Tina Knowles (I thought she was one of them, but the BDC website doesn’t list her as such; still, I’m pretty sure she’s involved somehow). The earrings and the caftan are both great on Ruth, and Angela Dean’s silver and black dress is fabulous. I learned in this article that Angela was involved in the development of Madonna’s iconic cone-bra aesthetic, which you’d never know from how it was reported in the annals of fashion history. And, yes, I also just realized this reads kind of like a press release, which was unintentional. I’m just trying to cut down on the number of times I COULD have been your Informative Caption, but either forgot or declined due to laziness. It should cost me nothing to pause and Google, right? Right.

[Photos: Rex/Shutterstock]