Is it still cold in New York? I assume that the Hot Idris Elba Doppelganger who is the AOL Build security dude — here pictured — is currently radioing someone inside to request thermals for Ms. Carson, but maybe it’s unseasonably warm. That aside, I like pretty much all of this. It’s all very┬áprototypically Giambattista Valli — young and frilly and great for a girl who’s about to hit it big (potentially) on Pretty Little Liars Part 2.┬áMy beef is the fact that the sleeves hang over her hands. This is the sort of thing that I, as a middle-schooler, would have hated to hear because WHATEVER MOM, but now that I’m middle-aged with a grandmother’s sensibilities, I just want to tell her that she NEEDS HANDS and that it looks like hers are currently being eaten by a gift bag that’s been cross-bred with a venus flytrap.