This has been one looooong final lap for Game of Thrones, and really, it hasn’t even started yet. To me this photo says, “We are SO GLAD that we are EXTREMELY CLOSE to being able to discuss the show without the fear of a very expensive lawsuit.” Sophie looks cool even though I don’t think that shirt seems comfortable OR as if it is meant to be stuffed into those pants. Maisie looks like your rebellious little sister who made a formal shorts suit by cutting up one of your shirts and your mom’s old flight attendant uniform, but you can’t stay mad at her because she makes you laugh and wears great boots and introduces you to good music.

Emilia Clarke Arrives at The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Weirdly, Emilia Clarke, mother of dragons by day, looks right now more like the mom in that scenario. And WHAT are those shoes? Is she wearing thick black tights with dance shoes, or are they stretchy boots tucked under her jeans? We need one of her beasts to burn them with fire, methinks.