First, apparently Emily Mortimer is reimagining/rebooting the classic British series Rumpole of the Bailey — which her father created, and which she’s writing with her sister. I do love a good family affair. Second, there was a day on Twitter not long ago when someone made noise about maybe rebooting The Newsroom, which was a horrendous show on all fronts (one of which was, it never allowed her character — supposedly a brilliant producer — to be anything but an idiot), but apparently that is not happening. I HOPE. Rumpole could be a steaming pile, and it would still be a way better use of her time. Thirdly, this dress. What do we think of it? To me it looks like the yard of a person who has swept their lawn full of fall foliage into a series of piles, but has not yet thought to marry them into one mondo mound. Some of that detailing is lovely — it LOOKS tactile; do we think it is? — but I feel like it might need to subtract one thing? Either the sleeve, maybe, or the patchiness? Sort me out please, Fug Nation.

[Photo: Rex/Shutterstock]