“Baby2Baby” always sounds to be like the name of a toy — like some plastic doohickey to get at Target that you install into your child’s crib so she can connect, ham-radio-style, to other babies across the country. Just, like, babbling to each other over the wires about the amazing pea puree their dad gave them for lunch, or sharing best practices for really effing up everyone’s sleep schedule during the holidays. Baby2Baby: Bringing Babies Together. But it’s actually a charity that Jessica Alba started that has proven super successful (as far as I can tell), which “provides low-income children, ages 0-12 years, with diapers, clothing and all the basic necessities that every child deserves.” That’s an excellent cause, and it’s very much a pet charity amongst Hollywood Moms, many of whom came out for their annual gala, which is always a red carpet gold mine. I hope they raised a lot of money!

[Photos: Apega/WENN.com, Nicky Nelson/WENN.com]