Elizabeth Banks went through a real explosive-color phase — I hope she re-emerges into the world in a similar burst — and nine years ago she tried out this Peter Pilotto, which I had forgotten existed and decided was an interesting one to revisit. I’ve often had a fondness for Pilotto’s patterns, which are sometimes chaotic and sometimes beautiful (we saw two in this morning’s MTV Movie Awards flashback to 2015), and I think there’s something fabulous about this dress. It won’t surprise you that my hangup is the sheer panels at the sides, which do from the front give this an extra-hourglass illusion, but…


… from the front AND the sides they also read as slapdash sheer panels making up for a catastrophic bead shortage. This already has SUCH elaborate detail; it truly did not need a parallelogram patch, unless the person doing the beading up and quit during their Diet Coke break. Is that the fix? Just pave right over them in the original pattern and push onward? What if, even, they were just actual cutouts? Or are you so overwhelmed by how busy this is that you just want to bin the whole thing and take a spa day?


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