However you feel about Cardi B and her shenanigans, one thing she’s excellent at is wearing high-drama outfits and then matching them to high drama facial expressions. Up here, she looks like she is PRETTY SURE ¬†you told her this party was the Kentucky Derby, and that it was also a pajama party, and she is contemplating whether to retaliate by asking you very loudly where you had your jowls done and then gasping, in feigned embarrassment, “Oh, it was a bad angle, I see you haven’t had them done.” Or she might just dump her merlot over your head. Whatever it is, though, it’s going to cause a scene.

2019 Beautycon New York Festival Day 2

And here, she’s just WAITING for you to get mad at her for wearing fur, so that she can claim she trapped it herself and fed her family on the flesh for three weeks during their covered-wagon trip to California. Are you going to contradict her? No, because a hat that big probably means she is an official sheriff. (She also might have shot the original sheriff.)

This, by the by, is her sister Hennessy Carolina:

2019 Beautycon New York Festival Day 2

And she accidentally showed up two weeks early for an adults-only Easter egg hunt.