I forgot that Elle Fanning is also a L’Oreal girl, which may at least partially explain why she’s in Cannes so much. Elle busted out a very sheer gown, which she seems to have made casual with a tube top, a blazer, and… jeans? A DENIM lining is not what we have in mind when we’re squawking about opacity, but I guess we can be grateful she tried. Even if I myself am not ready for the dress-over-pants trend to re-emerge. It would at LEAST be a welcome distraction from The Neverending Sheers Story, in which the role of Artax — the horse who tragically gets sucked into a mud pit and dies, which totally traumatized me as a kid by the way — is played by my hope for a non-transparent future.

Earlier, though, Elle busted out something VERY dramatic, which you may need to click through to Instagram to see:


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To borrow from the The Gospel According to Joey Lawrence, “WHOA.” That’s basically a skirt attached to some nipple and sternum jewelry, but when you click in and see the videos of her moving around in it… it’s really good. Something about her angelic demeanor and this twinkly-but-devilish dress makes for a compelling combination, and I am on board. She feasted and left no scraps.

[Photo: Pierre Suu/GC Images via Getty]