Well Played, Princess Beatrice


I can’t think of poor Bea here without imagining her wearing the giant toilet seat on her head at the Widdleton wedding.

Fortunately, I am not looking at this outfit and thinking, “Man, it was better when she wore the Home Depot plumbing aisle.” (The event was for “charity: water,” which works to bring clean drinking water to developing nations, which probably accounts for why the backdrop looks like she’s IN a Home Depot aisle.) The shoes appear to be covetable and cute, even if they get a bit lost over the tights, but it’s the nifty color and flattering cut that struck me. I support Duchess Kate re-wearing favorite items in her wardrobe rather than spending a taxpayers’ fortune on new outfits every three minutes, but there are times when I suspect even those taxpayers would be okay with her picking out an extra new frock, and I’d have liked to see her give this one a spin because the color is so different for her. Credit to Bea for getting there first. The universe DOES owe her for that whole Latrine Head thing.

[Photo: WENN]

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  1.  LadyB

    She looks fantastic. Green should be her signature color!

  2.  Sarah

    I think I’m the only one, but I loved her hat at the wedding, I thought it was whimsical and fun. I also think she looks great here and festive without being obvious.

    •  jenelope

      Not the only one. And it was iconic enough that they auctioned it off for charity. $131K for UNICEF! YAY for silly hats!

  3. Claire1

    Oh I love this dress! I crave it!
    But her hair! that shiny shiny beautiful hair she has happening here1 Beatrice do this… ALL.The.TIME!
    Also, it looks like she toned down a bit with the eye make up and it really works for her.

  4. Cat

    She’s worn this before, right? Either way, I love the color and the dress.

  5. qwertygirl

    She looks great, but unless I’m told, I can never remember which of these girls is which. They are completely interchangeable to me. Nice enough girls, I’m sure, but I couldn’t remember which one was which on a bet. They just don’t have very strong differentiating media personas for me.

    • Jenny

      Beatrice is the redhead. Eugenie is a brunette. That is how I tell them apart- Bea also looks a lot like her mum, and Eugenie IMO looks more like Prince Andrew.

      • Jessica

        I honestly have to look it up ALL the time myself. I only remember because Beatrice is the redhead, and “Beatrice” is the name with an R in it. R for redhead.

        • qwertygirl

          That’s probably a good rule for me to adopt as well. She who has the red hair also has the R in her name. Watch, I won’t be able to remember the rule the next time I see one of them (“Now, let’s see, that rule is the one WITH the red hair has the R in her name…or is it that the redhead DOESN’T have the R in it…oh hell…”).

      • Sandra

        In recent pictures I keep thinking Eugenie looks like a younger, brunette Katie Couric.

  6.  HelenBackAgain

    Love the dress on her, not so much with the matte black tights. I think those are really dragging it down. But everything else is terrific! From the hemline up, this might be the best I’ve seen the Princess look yet.

  7. Gigi

    Green on a redhead is always a winner!

  8. Steen

    I love it. Who is the designer?

  9. Rachael

    Am I seeing things, or does she have heterochromia? Maybe it’s just the light. Anyway, I love this dress. She looks great. It’s very flattering and fun on her.

  10. AM

    Yay for tights and cute shoes and a pretty dress!

  11. Nicole

    Well-played?? The sleeves are turned up and the seams are showing. Sure, they are nicely finished, but still. SEAMS. Maybe the frock is supposed to be cuffed. But cuffed like THAT?!? Am I seeing it wrong? Why is this bothering me??? Oh, yes. Because I’m at work and visible seams are my excuse to avoid working. Get thee to a seamstress, m’dear.

    • Callie

      I am very meh on this dress, too–and is that wrinklyness down on the right? It just seems to hang funny and be ill-fitting.

  12. Esther Zeigler Burns

    I like the outfit. As for the tights, sometimes we forget where things take place …. it looks like a cold concrete floor in a warehouse…. in November. So yeah, warm trumps goosebumps.

    •  HelenBackAgain

      I just would prefer a different color. Something lighter, tonally in keeping with the dress.

  13. Tiffany

    I LOVE this dress! I like the shape, the fit, the color, but over all the texture of the material is so intriguing to me! I really makes it special!

  14. Stefanie

    I really like this. She is really growing into her looks. Well played indeed.

  15. maryse

    she looks lovely here. i might have gone with less opaque tights, but you know. it’s england and i’m sure it’s cold.

  16. MissMo

    Well done Beatrice. Can we now talk about Harry’s glorious GINGER BEARD?!? *swoon*

  17. Vi

    Beautiful, shiny red hair + gorgeous, green, wonderfully fitted, glowy dress= Fab all the way!!!

  18.  annieC

    I LOVE the opaque tights. Seasonally appropriate, don’t distract from the dress and they are comfortable. I live in DC ad saw a woman walking with bare legs in 40* weather yesterday. I made me feel sad and cold. Dress for the season.

  19. Lily1214

    She looks the best I’ve ever seen her. Why is she standing like that?

  20. Del C

    i like how the background makes it look like she’s wearing a little black hat with yellow accents, at a jaunty angle on her head.