I actually think she looks foxy.

Kind of like if Robert Palmer dressed up his backup dancers as Bowie SWINTONs and then cast them in a movie called Single White Gosling, in which a bunch of people try to live like they are Ryan in an effort to achieve world peace through mass suavitude. My chief reservation is with the head-styling: Is it too severe for this? Or too costumey? Flowing hair might’ve been sexier with the suit, and her red lipstick feels a few shades too hot; it’s washing out her face and veering into Wax Lips territory, which I wholeheartedly support on her own time, but generally what a woman does with her Mini Babybel casings is best left between her, her kitchen garbage can, and her living room sofa.

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  • This is too costumey for me (27%, 1,772 Votes)
  • I want to change the head-styling, but otherwise YAY (44%, 2,846 Votes)
  • I like costumey, but I still don't like this (9%, 574 Votes)

Total Voters: 6,489

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[Photo: Fame/Flynet]