The blond was, at least initially, for a role. But now she looks like Lady Gaga.


And then when you look at the rest of her, you think maybe you sleepwalked into a rogue DeLorean, and it’s 1988 and she’s The Bangles’ lawyer.

Here she is at least looking more like herself:

And yet also like a Lisbeth Salander Barbie doll. I’m not sure what part of this would give Actual Barbie worse nightmares, the bodysuit or the poorly conceived and tailored suit pants, but I am about out of clever sentences for the day. “Look at how ugly this is” is all that comes into my brain. I think maybe she stole it off an old-school boy band when she was back in 1988 telling The Bangles to copyright their lyrics.

[Photos: Getty, Splash]