I can’t think of poor Bea here without imagining her wearing the giant toilet seat on her head at the Widdleton wedding.

Fortunately, I am not looking at this outfit and thinking, “Man, it was better when she wore the Home Depot plumbing aisle.” (The event was for “charity: water,” which works to bring clean drinking water to developing nations, which probably accounts for why the backdrop looks like she’s IN a Home Depot aisle.) The shoes appear to be covetable and cute, even if they get a bit lost over the tights, but it’s the nifty color and flattering cut that struck me. I support Duchess Kate re-wearing favorite items in her wardrobe rather than spending a taxpayers’ fortune on new outfits every three minutes, but there are times when I suspect even those taxpayers would be okay with her picking out an extra new frock, and I’d have liked to see her give this one a spin because the color is so different for her. Credit to Bea for getting there first. The universe DOES owe her for that whole Latrine Head thing.

[Photo: WENN]