It’s great to be young and have invincible skin and all that, but I do wish Shailene Woodley hadn’t done her hair like she was auditioning for a Noxzema commercial.

Especially because the suit really needed some sassy hair and accessories to offset its plainness. The effect is that she is about to wash her face in her law firm’s bathroom after reading briefs for thirty-six hours straight.

Here is a clearer shot of the shoes, which is always vital information:

I might like the idea of those shoes more than I do the actual deployment. Black and navy is not usually my favorite combination — I’d be curious to see this with gold or oxblood brogues. The jacket with it is good, though, but… maybe leave the stretchy elastic headbands with Cher Horowitz and in the pages of Lewis Carroll where they belong.

** EXTRA EXTRA: There has been an update to this post that may change your vote, so although I didn’t know this about the outfit when I WROTE this, you ought to see it. BEHOLD, from her stylist Ilaria Urbinati’s Instagram (@ilariaurbinati):


NUMEROUS questions are coming up in my head that I may never get to answer. Such as, “How?” and “But..?” and “Is it…?” If I had seen this first and she’d turned around and was topless behind a baby sling, I would not have been shocked.

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[Photos: AKM-GSI]