Well Played: Kate, Wills, and George’s Royal Tour of Australia and New Zealand, Day Seven


There was a plethora of activities on the Wills And Kate New Zealand Tour of Many Delights And Wardrobe Changes today: Church! Children’s Tag Rugby! Wine-tasting! Getting on and off planes! White-water rafting of a sort! All of this AND loads of speculation because William made an off-hand comment that could have been interpreted as implying they were going to have another baby soon. I told you they loved New Zealand.  (I seriously just think he said that because they are all loved up right now, as you will soon see in this slideshow, if he even said it as reported. Even the Daily Mail doesn’t think she’s pregnant right this second — she did taste some wine, and got on this crazy white-water rafty thing, and as we’ve been yapping here for months, it seems highly unlikely she’s get pregnant before a trip as exhausting and wine-taste-y and raft-y as this one. But Twitter was atwitter, which is always fun. We love speculation! Also royal babies.)

Anyhoooooodle, they kicked the day off going to Palm Sunday services, then coached kids tag rugby, where William’s team won — avenging his brutal yacht loss, presumably — and then they jetted off to drink wine and white-water-raft (kind of, it was like a….Speedboat Extreme and it looked both totally fun and somewhat ridiculous, and holy god Queenstown is SO PRETTY, I want to go to there). There were a variety of wardrobe changes, and also sunglasses and hats and gowns and jeans and life-jackets and an excess of gazing at one another, so strap in because this thing has, like, everything you like.

Finally, as always, you can find complete coverage of the tour here.

[Photos: Getty, Pacific Coast News]

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  1. Alaurable

    Queensland is in Australia

    • Jessica

      Oh god of course — so sorry, this is what I get on 11:45pm on a Saturday night. Fixed! I meant Queenstown, of course.

      • qwertygirl

        And it is beautiful and I was so disappointed that when I got to go there (twenty *ahem* years ago) that the Shotover jet doesn’t run in winter. And since I was there in August, it was winter. Poop.

  2. visa diva

    I am totally going to that Fug Nation conference. Wine sweater is packed, just name the date.

  3. Dom

    I think you mean Queenstown since Queensland is a northeastern state of Australia.

    • Jessica

      Yes, and I’ve fixed it! Just a middle of the night slip of the fingers — apologies to all.

  4.  DemiLuneNZ

    We all knew she would whip out an Emilia Wickstead at some point as she is an awesome New Zealand designer. Love the teal!

  5. Steph

    Hate to seem snippy but they are in Queenstown right now (I’ll forgive you given your dedication to get these posts up so quickly each day!)

    • Jessica

      Not snippy at all — I appreciate the correction!

      •  Steph

        … and now I’m so confused because there’s another “Steph”! :)

        I am fully on board for Fug National Winery Conference 201whatever. In addition to wine cardigans, do we need to pack blue blazers, cropped pants and wedges? Just want to get ahead on my packing list.

  6. Sarah

    A) I would pay so much money to attend that fug nation conference.

    B) I am so envious of Kate’s messy pony! The girl just has SUCH GREAT HAIR!

  7. fiatluxury

    how long is this trip, anyway? are they only, like, halfway through, and this is the delirious giggling of people who have been shunted from event to event non-stop and know they aren’t even close to done yet? Nevertheless, giggling suits them. Farewell knees – we hardly new ye.

    • Jessica

      Day 7 of NINETEEN.

      • Lara

        Meanwhile, they are NOT visiting my hometown of Melbourne in any of these 19 days and I am seething with bitterness and disappointment (whilst loving the updates- I’m only human!).

  8. Lacey

    1. I love these posts at midnight so hard. They help me procrastinate grading papers just that much longer.

    2. For the love of all that is good and pure, please write the People We Like Gazing at Each Other (PWLGaEO) post.

    3. Are these two going back into hibernation when this trip is over because I am going to have withdrawals.

  9. Kayla

    Just a heads up, it’s Queenstown where they were at the winery, not Queensland :)
    I’m not a big royal follower (I do like to look at cute babies and pretty dresses though, so here I am), and I live in Dunedin where they were this morning. Props to the both of them – and those adorable kidlets! – it was FREEZING today. I was inside studying (such is the life of a teacher-in-training), but how fun for those kids that got to hang out with the Royals for a bit.
    For how cold, windy, drizzly, and downright miserable (clearly the weather didn’t make it to Queenstown – it’s about a 2.5 hour drive from Dunedin) the weather was, they both look impeccable.

  10. annabel

    My favorite thing about this tour, other than George (WHERE IS HE??), is how much they really seem to enjoy being in each other’s company.

    •  Steph_NZ

      George is still here in Wellington with his nanny – Wills and Kate are coming back every night to be with him, these have all been day trips to diff locations in NZ.

      • Kayla

        I do not envy their schedule at all – from Wellington to Dunedin to Queenstown and back in a day? Jeez, I do 4 hours of unit plans and I’m shattered. It makes me tired just trying to wrap my head around the schedule for this tour.

        • Jessica

          They’re staying in Queenstown or thereabouts overnight tonight w.o George, I believe, at some undisclosed but apparently fabulous location, so THIS one at least is not a day trip. But I was thinking the same thing.

          • Laura

            Reporting from Queenstown, there’s been such an obvious police presence outside one of the resorts, apparently, that it’s pretty obvious where they’re staying. Also: the Royal effect on traffic congestion in a small town = formidable!

          •  What what

            Perhaps this night away is where the “another baby blanket soon” comment is coming from.

  11.  Meg

    I do love how Coach & Tami Taylor are the model of “meant to be together” and “realistic portrayal of a functional adult relationship.” Oh, and “excellent hair.”

  12. Sajorina

    CUTE!!! I enjoy seeing them having a great time together whether they’re dressed up or cassually dressed… They are always so classy! LOVE Kate’s teal dress with the teal hat! Amazing color and ft! And I can’t resist the 3rd picture… Now I want them to have a daughter!

    “One of these days, I’m just going to make a big slideshow of people we like gazing at each other, and don’t lie: YOU WOULD READ THAT.” = Please do so because I will read the HELL out of that!!!

    “Additionally, oh my lord this Queenstown winery is so pretty. Can we have a Fug Nation Conference there? All will wear bracelets and NONE shall wear leggings as pants. Kate’s invited as our keynote speaker.” = I want this to happen so badly! My bracelets are already packed!

    • annabel

      I have bracelets! And somewhat of a travel budget!

    • Laura

      Amisfield is amazing. Totally irrelevantly, they have panzanella to die for. We should all order that at the Fug Nation conference. Which I’m totally on board for, since I live within walking distance of Amisfield, and I’m lazy.

      • Ruthie

        Amisfield Pinot noir is seriously so delicious, my mouth was watering watching them do the wine tasting. It would be a very merry conference – bracelets and wine cardigans for all!

      • Jessica

        I am obsessed with panzanella, also.

    • camille

      I have like ONE bracelet. I will devote it to this Fug National Convention if it happens. Plus I’ve wanted to go to New Zealand for about 10 years now sooooo I am 100% up for it. Although honestly I’d want to go even if it was in Dubuque, Iowa, so really… let’s just do this.

  13. mary

    Queenstown was one of the most beautiful cities I have ever seen. We stayed at a hotel right on the water and took a boat to a sheepranch where we had tea and got to meet sheepdogs puppies and hold lambs. And it supposedly is a site that has a vortex or something…just like Sedona…so it is even more magical.

  14.  Dani

    So, pretty sure you need to set your next book in Australia/New Zealand and come here for research. That or get your publishers to spring for a Aus/NZ promo leg for The Royal We. My uncle has a great holiday chalet at the bottom of the mountains in Queenstown!

  15.  Margaret

    Am very much enjoying all the royal trip coverage! I usually am quite envious/love Kate’s classic looks, but there is something very comforting about this series of photos – a bit comfy sweater (styled well, of course) and then how messy her ponytail is, particularly when she has her sunglasses shoved on the top of her head.

    Royals – they’re just like us! (except in no way really).

    • Gypsy Danger

      I like that she wears the same things more than once and also has them in different colours, because that is what regular people do.

      • G

        I was just coming here to say that! I have never been so excited as to find out that PRINCESS DUCHESS K-MIDDY CATHERINE (throwing all the names in there) re-wears and re-mixes outfits when she travels. so normal. so refreshing.

  16.  KiwiKelly

    While we’re on the subject of royalty, I thought FugNation might be interested to know that Rugby royalty can be seen in pics 7 (next to Wills) and 8 (far right). He’s Richie McCaw, he’s the captain of the All Blacks (NZ’s national team) and he’s one of the greatest players of all time. Just a bit of trivia about someone very dear to the hearts of us kiwis :)

    LOVE the teal dress too, stoked that she’s wearing the silver fern brooch again. These folks are welcome back anytime!

  17. Gerry

    The Shotover jet isn’t white water rafting. You’re on a jet boat, not a raft and it’s not white water but a normal river. The boat goes superfast, on some very shallow water and can be mildly terrifying. They recommend that you don’t go on it if you are pregnant so that would suggest that she isn’t, or she decided to risk it which seems kind of silly.

    I live in Dunedin and I went to the rippa rugby game- it was so exciting to see them in person! Even if I was far away. I know 2 people who got to meet her!

  18. Tina

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they started trying for another baby after this trip. These pics remind me of the loved-up pics from the Olympics in 2012, and we all know how that turned out.

  19. MsALVA

    Yep, totally obvious there is some hott royal tour sexxy times going on. I mean, how could they not, when they spend the day being the center of fawning attention, people waiting hours to see them, stuff like that would make anyone feel great about themselves. Plus, they’ve got a nanny to look after George so they can be alone. I like that you can totally read the love all over Kate’s face when she looks at him.

    When’s our next opportunity to see some more of Muffin George? I miss those cheeks. I need another adorable photo op!

    • Jennifer

      MsALVA, you are correct. Like, hello, Pic #2? Kate is TOTALLY thinking, “As good as that navy suit looks on you, Wills, it’ll look a lot better on the floor.”

      And yes, more Muffin George. LOTS more.

  20. Kristy

    I am totally down with this conference!

    And also, I’ve decided that William and Kate ARE the Coach Taylor and Tami Taylor of the Royal Family. Not a direct parallel, but that might make Harry Tim Riggins. If Timmy was a ginger.

    Thank yo so much for these posts! They make me an irrational level of happy!

  21. Alicia F

    Queenstown is pretty – it’s like Switzerland but with better wines.

    I’m not much of a one for the monarchy, but I have to say I think Wills chose his bride extremely wisely. She’s so perfectly suited for the sort of life they have to lead, with all of the public appearances and sporty stuff.

  22. witjunkie

    I just came here to register for the Queenstown Winery Bracelet and Tractor Conference and will see you picking up my nametag on a Swarovski lanyard when?

    ALSO – compare and contrast the body language here to the photos someone linked to last week, of Charles and Diana getting off the plane in Australia. Man, that was icy. The temperature at my desk went down about 20 degrees just looking at them. It’s so obvious now how miserable they both were.

  23. A

    As I learned from the rather excellent Astronaut Wives Club, American women stopped wearing hats in the 1960s because Jackie Kennedy stopped wearing hats. Which is funny to me because that is one lady who had some iconic hats.

    • nichole

      Loved Astronaut Wives Club! One of the best books I read last year.

    •  Claire

      It’s like Michelle and nylons! Years from now, fashionable women everywhere will be saying “when did we stop wearing nylons? They made our skin tone look so even!” And someone will remind them, “you guys. Michelle Obama stopped wearing nylons in 2008.”

  24.  Sally

    There was a jewelry sale yesterday at my local Housing Works (NYC thrift shop) and I bought 6 bracelets. SIX! I tried to pare down but then thought ‘Fug Nation would want me to buy all six’ so I did. I am now ready for the Wine Tasting and Tractor Pull Conference.

    •  Lori

      We WOULD want you to buy all six and we thank you for your service!

    • Jessica

      We approve!

      •  Linds

        On a related note, I sang my Bachelor of Music graduating recital last night, and as I was getting dressed I thought, “The Fug Girls would want me to wear a bracelet with my strapless dress,” so I did. And I think it improved the whole look tremendously!

  25. Sophy

    Thats a strange combination blue dress and hat with green shoes and clutch????Weird!

  26. marylou bethune

    A big thank you to the Duke and Duchess and the wee prince for making this week happier and thank you to the GFY ladies for the same.

  27.  Stacey

    I stand by my theory that the “trouble” was the timing of pregnancy #2. And I think William’s comment means they’ve settled it and everyone is happy. Now let’s just hope Mother Nature cooperates. I can tell you from experience that she likes to screw up your best laid plans.

  28. Stefanie

    I’m putting in vacation hours for the Queenstown Winery Bracelet and Tractor Conference tomorrow!

    I love the teal number. I love how much they seems to love each other. I love the sunglasses and the small children. These two have turned me into a ball of love.

  29. Shareen

    No one should look so chic in a life jacket. Also, I almost jumped for joy that Kate’s knees have re-emerged from proverbial hiding.

  30.  Peggy

    She is the best thing that ever happened to him. Look at how happy he is. Seriously.

  31. Gine

    They look like they had tons of fun (and who wouldn’t) but man, they’re really packing events into these days! And I wasn’t crazy about that Emilia Wickstead before–that shade of pink washed Kate out–but I love it in teal.

  32.  Lori

    Obviously, I don’t know anything about them except what I read, but for some reason I am very invested in their happiness. I’m glad things seem to be going so well.

    The picture of Kate in the pink version of the teal dress cracks me up. The perspective of the photo (with her standing in the background) makes her look tiny, like a 3/4 scale model of Kate.

  33. Sarah

    Love the teal version of the Wickstead. And look at Kate with that little girl, so cute!

    I’m in favor of a post of people gazing at each other longingly. Wills and Kate, a certain pair of Canadian ice dancers, there are undoubtedly many more. Do it for Fug Nation, Jessica!

    Can Wills and Kate be any cuter? No seriously, that pic of them giggling is too much for me. All I ask is that the next time they are giggling, that little muffin Prince George is involved. I feel like there must be lots of laughter with that munchkin around!

  34. Cat

    They are so cute!! I love Kate when she’s dressed down and casual/sporty almost more than when she’s dressed up– plus they look so happy. Glad they are having a good time! Anyway, love the gigham shirt/blazer combo and the comfy sweater look.

    I like the teal Emilia Wickstead way more than the pink version– but am a bit torn on her accessories. Even if they are grey, they are leaning very green with the teal and it looks kind of funny. She would have been better off going with navy or brown, I think, given that she has those shoes in every.single.color. (Not complaining– I do the same thing when I find some good shoes! Call me, Kate!)

  35. Brittany

    I am so in for a Fug Nation Conference at a vineyard! So many of my favorite things combined into one.

    And as much as I shouldn’t say this about royalty (let me have my fun!), the first picture looks to me more like “Yeah, we totally made out on the way HERE.” I treasure them.

    • Jessica

      I thought the same thing of the pic of them getting off the plane, if I may be so bold.

  36. nichole

    I think they’re waiting on pregnancy #2 until after this trip. Given how terrible Kate’s morning sickness was last time, I have a feeling they wouldn’t risk her traveling so far while feeling so poorly. I mean, of course mother nature has ways of making things happen despite well laid plans.

    I love how they are having such fun with each other. You can really tell how much they like just being around each other.

  37. Cindy in Oregon

    I just hope we don’t have to wait months on end to see any more pics of George when they get back home. Maybe there will be a first birthday photo op in July. If it weren’t for this trip we probably still wouldn’t have seen him. But I do understand them wanting to protect him from too much media attention. Got to be a tight line to walk, too much and the haters will hate, but too little and those that like them will complain!

    And speaking of planning, a friend’s grandmother used to say “if you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans!”

  38. BrownEyedBetty

    It’s giving me anxiety to see William sitting in a full-force gale like that (yes, I realize it’s a boat at speed…) He can’t afford any more hair loss people!!

  39. platinum

    I love the teal dress. It looks like it IS the pink one, dyed. You can see the old worn in creases on the sleeves in the exact same positions as on the pink one.

  40. Edith

    Do you think Harry is sitting on his sofa at Kensington Palace right now, wearing track pants and eating a Hot Pocket and bitterly observing how much fun EVERYONE IS HAVING WITHOUT HIM while Cressida is streaming Coachella and weaving a hair wreath of flowers whilst singing along tunelessly?

    You know, none of us know these people in the slightest, but you somehow just pegged every single thing I believe about them, and why they seem destined to fail eventually. Perfect.

  41. TonyG

    I don’t usually swoon over Wills (more of a Harry fan when it comes to swooning), but I must say he’s looking incredibly cute and fit (did he lose some weight recently?…Not that he was overweight, he just looks more fit than usual in these pics).

    Anyway, love the way these two seem to enjoy being with each other. Both I am sure feel lucky to have found each other and to have worked to make their relationship work despite all eyes being on them.

  42. Hero

    It’s strange to me that William doesn’t go to church every sunday- they are the leaders of their religion and its no wonder the Anglican church is loosing membership by droves – if even the leaders cannot be bothered!!!This is why its stupid to think you can be King/Queen and also Church leader – and why Charles life is so troublesome – being the head of a religion is not just dressing up and showing up on important church days you have to have moral authority and you have to believe and shows others your strong belief!That’s why I laughed when I heard Charles say once that he wanted to be the defender of all faiths- you can’t even protect your own buddy!! The other faiths really don’t need your dubious help!

  43.  MissElaineous

    Does that fact that I’m in track pants on my sofa eating a Hot Pocket at the moment mean that Harry and I truly are destined for one another??

  44. Nancy

    They look very happy here, and I agree, it must make you feel good to have people wait to see you, give you flowers, fawn over you, so that is good for anyone’s ego. Which is good for relationships.

    It seems they are out and about here much more than home. I hope they do more of this stuff at home, so people get off her back about everything. She really does seem to try very hard to be good at her job, and I think she succeeds. I don’t think Cressida would try so hard nor succeed. William did luck out with this woman!!

  45.  Charlotte

    I really dig that hat. The feather placement looks ferny – a great tribute to NZ!

  46. Alyse

    I’d like to RSVP to the fug national conference in Queenstown. I’ll bring finger sandwiches.

  47. Alisa

    The commentary on slide 8 had me spewing my coffee out of my nose this morning. Holy smokes, that was so funny. I could totally imagine that’s actually what occurs in Harry and Cressida’s lives.
    Half of me thinks that pairing is a train wreck of epic royalty proportions and the other half thinks, “well. At least it would be an ENTERTAINING train wreck…”

    •  Shannon

      I am sorry, but I find Cressida extremely annoying. Seriously, have you ever met anyone named Cressida in your life? I know she can’t really help her name, but she can help wearing scrunchies. And overalls. And basically being a completely ditzy-looking latter-day flower child who’s never worked a day in her life. Humph. Train wreck, indeed.

      • Kat

        She’s named after a character from Shakespeare–there are many, many worse names. And there was lots of nasty press about Waity before she managed to snare William. I suspect if Harry and Cressida end up together, people will be gushing over her every move as well.

        •  Shannon

          Oh, I know the name is Shakespearean. Doesn’t mean it’s not ridiculous. How many Othellos do you see running around?

  48. Alisa

    Can we discuss hideous sunglasses? I mean, what happens if you buy him a better pair, they last all of 2 weeks, and then another hideous pair appears because “they are just so much more comfortable”? (And because you’ve smashed hideous pair #1 to pieces because you hated them so. Very. Much.?)
    Tami Taylor is much a better person than I, because I can’t see myself ever completely accepting the hideous sunglasses. They make me CRAZY.

    This is all theoretical of course, I mean, this hasn’t happened in my life and I would never spend hours thinking of ways to destroy every pair of plastic rimmed, sports style sunglasses within 25 miles so that his hideous pair could never be replaced when broken.

  49. Shannon Harris

    We need a new phrase for when Kate raises her hemline – Knees Ahoy, perhaps?

  50. Kat

    Man, I wish they would get the hell home from this trip! So sick of seeing them every damned day.

  51. jean

    Blue works best on Wills. That black blazer was pedestrian. And Kate’s hats are what make her seem like a royal. Real people don’t wear fabulous fashion hats just to travel in. It gives her some drama. I like a royal with a hint of drama. Clearly Wills needed someone steady and she seems to be delivering. It helps that she seems to like people. And that she knows how to engage them.

  52. Libby

    My husband and I visited the same winery (Amisfield) last November and it was lovely. Full of delicious food and even better wine, (that I think you can get in California but nowhere else that I’ve seen on the East Coast) so I wholeheartedly endorse a Fug Nation conference there.