There was a plethora of activities on the Wills And Kate New Zealand Tour of Many Delights And Wardrobe Changes today: Church! Children’s Tag Rugby! Wine-tasting! Getting on and off planes! White-water rafting of a sort! All of this AND loads of speculation because William made an off-hand comment that could have been interpreted as implying they were going to have another baby soon. I told you they loved New Zealand.  (I seriously just think he said that because they are all loved up right now, as you will soon see in this slideshow, if he even said it as reported. Even the Daily Mail doesn’t think she’s pregnant right this second — she did taste some wine, and got on this crazy white-water rafty thing, and as we’ve been yapping here for months, it seems highly unlikely she’s get pregnant before a trip as exhausting and wine-taste-y and raft-y as this one. But Twitter was atwitter, which is always fun. We love speculation! Also royal babies.)

Anyhoooooodle, they kicked the day off going to Palm Sunday services, then coached kids tag rugby, where William’s team won — avenging his brutal yacht loss, presumably — and then they jetted off to drink wine and white-water-raft (kind of, it was like a….Speedboat Extreme and it looked both totally fun and somewhat ridiculous, and holy god Queenstown is SO PRETTY, I want to go to there). There were a variety of wardrobe changes, and also sunglasses and hats and gowns and jeans and life-jackets and an excess of gazing at one another, so strap in because this thing has, like, everything you like.

Finally, as always, you can find complete coverage of the tour here.

[Photos: Getty, Pacific Coast News]