Today, Wills and Kate went to Christchurch for a memorial service in honor of the victims of the devastating earthquake the region suffered in 2011 (and from which it is still recovering, from what I understand), then to open the Visitors Center, then to play some cricket, then to lunch at the Wigram Air Force Museum, where they also unveiled a memorial. This trip has had MANY an unveiling. Unlike yesterday, which brought FOUR COSTUME CHANGES and so much canoodling, today we had but one ensemble, but also people trying to whack balls with cricket bats.

With that, here are your Kate Credits: The suit is Luisa Spagnoli (which, according to What Would Kate Do, she also sported when they signed the book of condolence for Christchurch in 2011, which I have to believe was an intentional choice), the bag is her trusty Mulberry clutch and she’s also wearing her Episode heels, I THINK, which she also wears ALL THE TIME, so they must be comfy. (Do I need some?!? No, Jessica, my god. Get a grip, woman. You have got to get a grip. Also, I don’t think they’re for sale anymore. Which is good. For me. Although she has several other similar…no. I must be strong!)  As for W, William is in…A BLUE SUIT I KNOW SIT DOWN I AM STUNNED ALSO. Well, why mess with what works?

These two have tomorrow off, which means that sadly I will not be updating you in the middle of the night — I actually secretly enjoy getting to update you in the middle of the night, and not only because it means I get to chat with our readers on the other side of the world more than usual — but we’re back on the next day for MORE SHENANIGANS.

[Photos: Getty]