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From the waist down, I am in. And from the neck up, I am also in. It’s the middle section that I am confused about. First, Red Carpet Fashion Awards has the runway version, and I will say that I think Shailene’s iteration is more successful on her than that would have been. But while there is something about this that I actually really appreciate on her — the color is unusual and flattering — I don’t know if I can, in good conscience, wholly sign off on something that I need to describe as “a leather top knotted above the navel,” like what you’d get if Daisy Duke decided she wanted to take things up a step.

I also make a Daisy Duke reference in a post going up tomorrow. I'm scared that this might be a thing now. Anyway, let's talk about Shailene:

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  • Yes!! This is awesome. (34%, 1,675 Votes)
  • Maybe? Let me work out my feelings in the comments. (26%, 1,280 Votes)

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