Apparently, MTV Movie Awards now encompass reality TV programming and I am not complaining about this! I used to work in unscripted TV, many of my friends still do, and, most important: I watch every single one of the shows in the headline here. And I have thoughts! I am ready to TALK! It’s been, for one thing, a wild couple of months in Real Housewives land, from Jen Shah getting arrested by the Feds for FEDERAL WIRE-TAMPERING and MONEY-LAUNDERING [!!] to Porsha getting engaged to her coworker’s very freshly ex-husband after dating him for ONE MONTH [!!] to Erica’s husband DEFRAUDING WIDOWS AND ORPHANS and now maybe faking dementia to get out of it[!!!!!!]!  In other news, I really thought Bling Empire was a fun ride and I VERY MUCH hope that Kelly has left that dude she was dating, and feel confident that she has because he’s not at this event. I, of course, also love Selling Sunset and I just want the best for Chrishell in all things, and have THOUGHTS IN GENERAL about last season, and about what is going through the mind of her ex, Justin Hartley, who literally just got married again. Let’s see what people wore!

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