Unfug or Fab: Kerry Washington


I like this from behind:

The stripes are effective — sort of a sexy circus tent, which I do mean as a compliment despite the invocation of something that usually encases sawdust and acrobats. But what I can’t decide is if I would’ve liked it better if she’d just never turned around:

If this had been long and flowy with the black and white stripe motif, would it have been more interesting than another mullet dress? Do we think the block of satin is an effective piece of trim, or one piece of geometry too many? And does that top fit her, or constrict her? Do those shoes belong with a different outfit entirely, because they’re not providing enough sex appeal? And are you as happy as I am that the Scandal midseason time jump meant Olivia Pope’s hair calmed down from that insane and stiff and dated and kind of unflattering poofy flip? A rousing fab to THAT, for sure.

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Comments (14):

  1. Stefanie

    It’s groovy from the back. From the front it looks light a nighty.

  2. patty

    The way the shoes blend into the carpet makes her legs look like they end in stumps. creepy

  3. meggiemoo

    I needed a “B, C, and D” button.

  4. Helen

    I like it as is. Mullet dresses in and of themselves don’t offend my sensibilities, only when they’re altogether too crotch-adjacent, and the front here is nicely modest, no problem of that kind at all. Love the drama of the stripes.

    The shoes I would change just because of the clear plastic, but, not a big deal.

    It also helps that she’s wearing it all so comfortably!

    • julyol1972

      I like how comfortable she looks in it too. Plus, I just saw a video online with her and Craig dancing at the after-party. That dress served its purpose by allowing her to tear up the dance floor – somehow I knew Olivia Pope/Chenille would kill it. Craig Robinson wasn’t too shabby either.

      • Helen

        Oh, well heck, if it was for dancing, then the style is not only inoffensive to me, it makes total sense, too. This would look great in motion, and it would give her legs freedom while still having the drama of length. And I guess it DID all those things! :-D

  5. Michael


  6. Kris

    Make ALL the mullet dresses full length, or short. No more half-assing it; it doesn’t flatter anyone.

  7. Trace
  8. Deirdre

    I don’t know how she did not notice that if you are trying to seduce PepĂ© Le Pew, that guy is totes easy.

  9. Tiffany

    Love Kerry, do not love this outfit.

    Recently I feel like there has been a lot of really cheap white fabric on the red carpet. From the front the material looks very sheet-y and just belch.

  10. Claire1http://gofugy

    I don’t like the X in the front. I wish the black had continued as a straight line (kind of like a halter coming down straight). I, also, do not like the hem in the front. It looks like a nighty.
    I adore black and white and I adore stripes….. so I can’t hate it TOO much.

  11. Patrick

    Looks too much like a slip to me, I doubt full length would change that. B+ for effort, Ms Washington, but a D in execution.

  12. Liz

    I’d like this if instead of being all short in front, it was only short over one leg ( like a Showgirl-style thing, bad as that sounds). Also, I’d change the satiny band at the bottom to a different, heavier fabric. That band is what’s making it too nighty.