Unfug It Up: Halle Berry


Real talk: I think this is one of those dresses where my feelings about it depend on who is wearing it:

She’s obviously gorgeous, but her outfits of late have been so try-hard — WHY, I WILL NEVER KNOW. If anyone never needs to try at all, it’s Halle Berry — that I look at this and sigh and think, “oh, Halle. Leather and cut-outs. You don’t need that.” But if someone who often comes across as super-twee were to try this — like, I don’t know, Carly Rae Jepsen — I could very well be all over it. What do you think? Is it fab, regardless? Would it be terrible on anyone? Should we try and make Chastain wear it? What do you think?

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  1. Cass

    I don’t know about putting it on someone else, but I think it would be a very nice dress, even with the sheer shoulder/sleeve business, if it didn’t have the cutouts on the body of the dress. That they look like someone really demented wanted to use their giant knife-hands to do a little paper-chain cutting is merely an unfortunate side effect.

  2. mary lou bethune

    Halle Berry is The Most Beautiful Movie Star and has the right to wear anything and ,what it more , she looks fabulous in anything.
    Kristin has not earned it and looks uneasy and unkempt. Maybe in 20 years, TWIgirl.

  3. Gine

    I think it would be okay if the fit was better. As it is, I can’t tell if it’s too small or too big for her, but something’s definitely off, especially with all the scrunching around the midsection.

    • Kat

      Yes, I agree, it’s doing her midsection NO favors, which is ridiculous, since she’s Halle f’ing Berry.

      • Mel

        Yeah, I legit looked at it and was like… did I miss something? Is Halle Berry pregnant?

        Not into this dress.

    • ringthing

      Yes. On her lower regions it looks like a leather diaper.

  4. Art Eclectic

    Get rid of the cutouts. Lose the mesh sleeves and shoulders. This would be great as a halter dress.

  5. maryse

    I HATE THE CUT-OUTS. i’d be ok with this dress otherwise.

  6. Rachel

    The sheer cut outs are creeping me out! Ugh. Line the cut outs and remove the sleeves and I am on board.

  7. Trace

    I just can’t believe Halle got it before a Kardashian did. For the record, I think she’s rocking it.

  8. Sandra

    At first I really liked this. Then I saw the cut-outs and OH HELL NO, HALLE! You were a Bond girl ten years ago. Let it go and reach for elegance. You totally can do it.

  9. Lily

    I actually think Halle is one of the very few who CAN pull off this look. This woman refuses to age. I think she looks great though I do wish she had a pop of color somewhere, maybe a clutch or something.

    Sidenote, I do think that Buzzworthy headline up there is HILARIOUS informing me about what I NEEEED to know about JSimp’s family drama. Funny because I was under the impression that it was none of my damn business, lol. Oh, TMZ…

  10. SharonCville

    I don’t like the lines that the cutouts make. Am I the only one seeing a surprised face on her torso? Never let your boobs be eyes, Halle! That’s my fashion advice for the day…

    Also, weirdly matronly length.

  11. Stefanie

    Lose the cut outs and the mesh, give it to a Kardashian.

    I get that Halle is hot. Like REALLY hot. But she shouldn’t be trying so damn hard – she’s veering into desperate land. SHE’S BETTER THAN THIS! (I think Ive made this same comment in every post featuring her for the last year.)

  12. Steph

    That dress is doing something I never thought anything could: It makes Halle Berry look “puffy” in the midsection. Unless this is a part of a new rockin’ maternity line, it’s a NO.

  13. Ellelake

    She’s just not pulling it off. It’s wearing her and the effect is kinda dirty, like unkempt.

  14. Rowynn

    Oddly enough, the cut-outs don’t bother me nearly as much as that crappy tulle, or whatever the sheer stuff is. At first I thought, “Wow, if I was standing next to her, I bet I could see her bellybutton, and I don’t need or want to see that,” but when you zoom in, you can’t, so that’s all good. The cut-outs can stay, but that sheer crap ruins what started out to be a kind of badass dress.

  15. Lynne

    I think if Halle Berry can’t make this work, no one can.

  16. Kit

    I’m with everyone. She’s so much better than this. Why the desperate attempt to hang on to overt sexuality? You’re more than your body, Halle!

  17. Lindy

    I cannot be objective about her; I loathe her for trying to move her daughter to a continent far, far away from her involved father. Therefore, I find this dress, and the woman inside it, fug in the extreme.

  18. Bella

    I hate everything about this dress and would on anyone. It reeks of desperation on Halle. Please, Halle, classy elegance – it’s time.

  19. franimal

    It looks so Project Runway to me – maybe I’ve been watching it too much but I can’t help but picture Nina Garcia running ramshod all over some poor, young, promising gay on how this “has been done before and it doesn’t look expensive…”

    • anny

      Afraid I’m with Nina on this one. Also hearing Michael’s “overworked”, especially when it comes to the cutouts ON THE SKIRT. WTF?? Why?

  20. Mia

    The scissors clip-art next to “Unfug It Up” amused me, as it looks like someone took them to her otherwise-perfectly-nice dress. Although I would still hate the sheer sleeves even without the cutouts.

  21. Vandalfan

    Just because you can doesn’t mean you should. “…To paint the lily, to guild refined gold…”

  22. Nancy

    She needs to hire someone who’s sole job is to tell her “You don’t need to go there, you are Halle Berry.” I can do it for free.

  23. roser

    The fit is a mess. I’d like to see it again, cutouts and all, if it was correctly tailored for her.

  24. Bexmarie

    She looks perfect.



  25. Mongerel

    That hair. LOL. She must have gone in the “Million Muppet March” – as Silly Berry.

  26. glee

    I love the crinkly “I hate this” look on her face. Maybe she knows enough Russian to know that behind her is not just the Cloud Altas promo, but also for Parliament ciggies and “Smoking Kills”. I’d have that “something stinks” look as well. Though in a male body. In a nice suit. A nice tux would have done Ms. Berry a ton of good – like the one DVT wore for Halloween.

  27. G

    Belly-button .. that’s not good.

  28. witjunkie

    You know, if she’s going to insist on wearing this kind of thing, this dress is pretty sedate and she looks better in this than in some of her last efforts. I’ve given up hoping she’ll get over the sex on a stick thing.

  29. TonyG

    It’s weird, I like the tight fit up top (say, from the waist up) but not at the bottom.

    Assuming it’s not “off the rack,” I would have tailored this to give more a loose flow to the skirt portion rather than the hip-hug that currently suffocates her between her hips and knees.

    I am thinking this is more of a fit problem rather than a design problem, so I do actually love the design of the dress.

  30. Esme


  31. Esme

    Oh, and lumpen.

  32. pantsonfire

    I am incapable of seeing anything beyond the fountain of hair. I don’t like it.

  33. Gill

    I think this would be just fine if the cutouts and the sheer mesh sleeves were taken out, and it was just a plain nicely-fitting halter dress. As it is, it feels this odd mashup of sedate and daring that doesn’t work.

  34. madness

    The neckline is fantastic! Just lose ALL the mesh below that and make it solid instead, and I think it’s great!

  35. deee

    You can tell she has a fab bod under the dress and her makeup looks fabulous. But between the scowl, the poor fit, the bed head and the peek a boo cut outs she looks, as they say, “rode hard and put away wet”.

  36. Helen

    I vote let’s try to get Florence Welch to wear it.

  37. joobs

    I swear in this and that silver thingy she wore the other day, she looks pregnant. She has a fab bod, but she usually has a flat tummy. Lately, though…
    I also recently read an article where she said Nahla would like a little sister.Maybe she’s just letting us all guess, like some celebs do.

  38. Valeria

    It’s fug because cut outs with sheer panels are fug; period. Halle Berry is so beautiful she doesn’t need to wear silly fashion tricks to be noticed and look fabulous.

  39. liz_bee

    Did anyone see her posing to show off the backside? She was really putting her…backside…into it. Why? HALLE WE KNOW YOU ARE HOT. WHAT–WHY? Why do that?!

  40. Emma

    It kind of looks like you can see nipples and navel. And her abdomen looks poochy. I don’t know how to fix that.

  41. Guerra

    I like the dress but it doesnt fit properly and maybe a little… Young for her

  42. Sajorina

    She looks good, but I agree that it is trying too hard! I’d love to see Chastain wear this!

  43. Spinstermiss

    It dances on the edge of mutton dressed as lamb and she doesn’t need to be there for another 10 years.

  44. BrownEyedBetty

    Holy Crap, she needs shoulder-reduction surgery!??!