Unfug It Up: Emmy Rossum


This should have been a win. The skirt is dramatic and bold and beautiful, like a dramatic music sting on The Bold and the Beautiful except without a bunch of twitching eyeballs.

But then the bodice has a giant blue X on it, and the Kabbalah bracelet on HGH that’s around her waist ALSO forms a sort of X, but a competing one, like two letters in different fonts trying to pretend they belong in the same word. The bodice extends below her natural waist, but the belt sits right on it. I don’t get it. If you want the dress to have a cincher, then don’t drop the bodice. If you want an X, pick one. If you want her to look good, stop throwing in extra extra extras, or else your gown becomes like an infomercial that wants you to buy a Magic Bullet SO BADLY that it throws in six other kitchen tools and a cookbook for free.

Fix it, Fug Nation, as only you can.

[Photo: WENN]

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  1. HKS

    I don’t mind the first X on the bodice. I just think the red thing (you say it’s a Kaballah string??) around the dress looks silly. Still, overall, she looks prettty great. The skirt is so good it kind of makes me forget the negatives here. And her head looks fantastic.

    •  TheZulk

      Agree. I don’t think it’s the best thing I’ve ever seen in my life but I’m not seeing a full fug or something that really requires an unfugging.

  2. t.o.

    just ditch the blue “x” and you’re good to go. it makes the front look so heavy and distracts from that pretty skirt.

    • Petrova Fossil

      Ditch the blue X but make the bodice out of the blue material instead of black.

    • Fawn

      I was going to say dith the red ribbon, but I think you’re right. It’s the blue X that’s messing things up.

  3. HelenBackAgain

    Just take off the stupid red string and it’s great.

    • Melly


    • Carol


    • Kris

      Actually, I was going to let her keep the red string; I’d steal the actual dress out of her closet.

      •  ErinG


        Also, unrelated, but I impulse purchased the Magic Bullet once on the urging of a late-night infomercial…. it proved invaluable as a dorm room cooking apparatus! It is quite impressive what can be whipped up with nothing more than a coffee mug warmer, microwave, and magic bullet blender. hahah

        •  ErinG

          Oh, and she has both a bracelet AND a lipstick that’s a color…. doesn’t that get an automatic pass, or something??

          • HelenBackAgain

            It definitely helps! :-)

            There really isn’t much wrong here. It’s just one detail too many, is all. This is a pretty dress, on a pretty girl, and that’s nice to see even if I DO want to reach into the picture and just untie the string!

        • HelenBackAgain

          That’s tempting. I have a very small kitchen…

  4. mary lou bethune

    She is too young for this pretty dress.

  5. Claire1

    I could make three dresses out of this….

    1. Keep as is and get rid of the red string.
    2. Get rid of the blue X and make the top blue only ( get rid of the red string)
    3. Get rid of the blue x, keep the top black, make the skirt fitted and cocktail length and keep the red string.

  6. Goldfish

    She needs to take every single garment off of her body and start completely over. She needs a gin and tonic in between disrobing and rebooting. I can’t see any other way it can be.

    • Michelle

      Yes! G&Ts fix everything!

      They are so magical, in fact, they might even have the power to get that chunk of hair out of her face oh my god it’s so distracting I just want her to brush it away why isn’t she brushing it away driving me crazy!

    • Jen S 2.0

      I was going to say, remove the blue X and the red sash, and make the skirt less huge-flowery, and then shorten the train … but then I decided that you are right. Start over, after happy hour.

  7. a

    blue bodice – no x and no red bowtie. Done.

  8. Sandra

    Make the whole thing the color of the blue X and lose the ribbon around the waist.

  9. Kris M

    Get rid of the nursing bra straps (and then maybe hike the bodice up a notch), make the whole bodice blue. The string might be okay then if she really likes it, but it’s expendable. I think the red purse does enough to bring out the red in the skirt. That and the red shoes I hope she’s wearing.

  10. Eli

    I love that you all name check the Bold and the Beautiful, my most favorite preposterous soap opera but man would I love to see a Fug and the Beautiful one day. It is a show about fashion after all. And please start with the reeedickulous sword necklaces the Spencer men wear that one day $Bill Spencer actually pretended to STAB HIMSELF WITH. Pleeeease?

    • Vandalfan

      I watched it when it first came on the air. I was surprised to learn last week that Brooke seems to be sleeping with yet a third generation of Forresters.

  11. Bella

    I think I’d leave it as is – she looks good.

  12. Sajorina

    I just asked my Fug Dad what he thought about this dress and if he would change anything about it! He said: “The dress is beautiful and it looks great on her, but I’d take off the red ribbon belt because it’s competing with the lines of the dress”! OMG, who knew? My dad and I agree on how to Unfug this dress, yet find it BEAUTIFUL! Also, why isn’t she wearing red lipstick? Red lips, please!

  13. marcy

    I assumed the bodice was interpreting elements of a kimono. I like it.

  14. nmlhats

    Take that red ribbon off and put it on a present. Sometimes people go too far to tie an outfit together, or tie it to accessories (maybe this was about the red purse, in the end?). That’s all. It’s otherwise nice.

  15. Diane

    I actually really like it for looking unique but still being an actual, wearable dress but if I had to change it, I’d get rid of the X.

  16. Mallory

    you’re grouchy today! have a diet coke. this is cute.

  17. googler

    The only thing about it that really bothers me is the red ribbon. I think even the “X” would be acceptable.

  18. Rose

    I like the dress as-is. It’s not quite on par with everything else Emmy’s worn lately, but it’s still DECENT and she’s pulling it off.

  19. Lisa Bryant

    Ditch the smug look on her face. In this, and every other photograph. The dress is actually quite cute as-is.

    It would be quite nice to ditch the sidebar ad for American Apparel where 90% of a teen model’s ass is hanging out as well.

  20. Susan

    I think it would be great if the blue x stopped at the red band (ie, if it made basically just a crossed bodice) and if the red band were just a band instead of another x.