This should have been a win. The skirt is dramatic and bold and beautiful, like a dramatic music sting on The Bold and the Beautiful except without a bunch of twitching eyeballs.

But then the bodice has a giant blue X on it, and the Kabbalah bracelet on HGH that’s around her waist ALSO forms a sort of X, but a competing one, like two letters in different fonts trying to pretend they belong in the same word. The bodice extends below her natural waist, but the belt sits right on it. I don’t get it. If you want the dress to have a cincher, then don’t drop the bodice. If you want an X, pick one. If you want her to look good, stop throwing in extra extra extras, or else your gown becomes like an infomercial that wants you to buy a Magic Bullet SO BADLY that it throws in six other kitchen tools and a cookbook for free.

Fix it, Fug Nation, as only you can.

[Photo: WENN]

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