Fug File: VMAs

VMAs Fug Carpet: Sarah Hyland

Marchesa, you’ve done it again:

Turned a perfectly cute girl into an expensively trashy window-dressing. In the wrong shoes.

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VMAs Fug Carpet: Ashanti

Dear Ashanti,

I kind of wish you’d gone with the vagina sling instead. Is that so wrong?



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VMAs Fug or Fab Carpet: Shailene Woodley

You find out a lot of things about your face when you cut off your hair, and fortunately for Shailene Woodley, they are all good things. As in, she has a great one, and it holds its own:

I also think that skirt is spectacular now; however, the bottom three inches is fringe, so if any one of them is divergent then we might see her secret life, which would be a definite fault in her stars. Maybe it has some descendants that are less naked, but that feels like a… cold case? Sure. Thanks, IMDb.

And then there’s the matter of the top. I actually think she’s carrying THAT part off with aplomb, midriff and all. But let’s talk: Is it the best pairing with the skirt? Certainly it shines while the rest is simple, but is there a more ideal pairing — metallic, or just not cropped, or purple, or anything in your own closet because you want to steal that skirt and make sweet fashion love to it? My overall verdict, I think, is that she’s making a fab — or pretty damn close — out of two boring things and one risky one.

Hear ye, hear ye:

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And then, of course, this happened:

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VMAs Well Played, Rihanna

Rihanna is cracking me up.  She didn’t perform at the VMAs last night, and she wasn’t nominated for anything, so I feel like she looked at her wardrobe and thought, “eh, whatever. I’m just going to wear jeans.”

And then of course she went back to the hotel and changed for the after-party. We live in a society.

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VMA Man Fugs

He’s not Jordan Catalano anymore. He hasn’t been for years. I know this. I know this in my brain. And yet it still burns. At least Jordan would’ve approved of the jacket…

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VMAs Overdone Carpet: Holland Roden and Crystal Reed

In which someone told the girls from Teen Wolf that the VMAs are a formal event second in grandeur only to the Oscars.

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