It has been another wobbly trip around the sun since the 2021 VMAs: This year’s telecast is Sunday, so — if you are like us — prepare once again to feel extremely old (and perhaps extremely queasy, given this anticipated cameo). It seemed like a good time to bone up on what everyone wore last year, as my brain can barely hold what anyone wore yesterday anymore. Doja Cat hosted last year with a lot of charm and a bunch of intentionally wacky outfits. This year, it’s LL Cool J, Nicki Minaj, and Jack Harlow, the latter of whom vaguely rings bells but that’s it, so … yeah. Between that and remembering Madonna’s half-assed 15-second appearance last year, which turned me into someone who says things like, “What you need to understand is, back in my day, she was THE COOLEST,” I already feel about a hundred.

[Photos: Stephen Lovekin, Shutterstock]
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