I’m not sure if Allure is under new management, or just mixing it up for the summer, but this is a second great mod cover in a row, after last month’s very groovy Joey King offering. This is creative and editorial and weird and that’s what’s fun about it. No one really expects us to paste little Legos to our faces — RIGHT?!?!?!!? — but what’s a September issue for if not something fanciful? Also: Does she sort of look like Carrie Fisher here?

As ever, we’re only allowed to excerpt 100 words from Conde Nast publications (which is fair! They want you to read the whole thing on their property!) but the profile is a good read and she honestly seems like a nice young person. (It does have spoilers for the most recent season of Stranger Things.) She is, of course, also promoting her own skincare brand, to which I must just say: Not everyone needs a skincare brand! This seems like a misuse of her energies! Especially because she says she doesn’t know anything about skincare! Sweetie! You don’t need to do this! Go to Julliard and be in a bunch of esoteric plays or whatever! Spend the summer exploring New Jersey with Bon Jovi The Younger (her boyfriend)! We don’t all need to be GOOP! Otherwise, god bless her for this:

One day, fueled by boredom, Millie and her brother, Charlie, who works as a cinematographer, re-created the “Cool Rider” sequence from Grease 2, which she refuses to post online because it’s “the worst thing.”

This is cute and also that is wise!

Anyway. All this, and apparently there’s an article about something called “dental glam.” I’m in?

[Writer: Emily Zemler; Photographer: Jem Mitchell; Stylist: Joanna Schlenzka; Hair: Shon Hyungsu Ju; Makeup: Ciara O’Shea; Manicure: Michelle Humphrey; Set design: Lydia Shirreff; Production: Chebabo & Co; Cover Fashion Credits: Stella McCartney dress. Allure’s September 2022 issue is available on newsstands nationwide on August 16th.]