Lindsay Lohan is making a modicum of a comeback, with her Netflix Christmas flick deal, a rumored sequel to Freaky Friday, and some other secret project mentioned in the Allure cover story. (I am super curious if she’s making a covert cameo in the movie of the Mean Girls musical.) Appearing on Marie Claire now, she’s pushing a more settled-down version of herself — I would imagine this is a critical element of continuing the comeback, considering I BELIEVE there was a point at which she was uninsurable? — and seems, at least in print, calmer and content. I struggle with Lindsay Lohan, as you know, because I recapped her whole Oprah show and it was just… a lot, all of which rolled into a big bolus of I Feel Badly For Her, Because Her Parents Seem Terrible, But I Also Don’t Particularly Like Her and She Might Genuinely Be a Jerk. She’s older and hopefully wiser now, and lives quietly in Dubai, where she moved because paparazzi are illegal (of note: she was in New York for this interview, and we saw nary a photo of it anywhere), although the tradeoff is that so are a lot of what should be basic human rights, yippee.

She lives west of downtown’s glass spires, in a villa by the beach. Every morning brings tea, yogurt, a smoothie, and a workout. “Sometimes, I call it The Truman Show, because it’s the same thing every day,” she says, fizzing into laughter. “But I love it. I really love structure because I don’t think I had that when I was young. Everything was coming so fast and I had so many things happening. My only structure was filming and being on set.”

And she sometimes did not show up to those days on set, either! Or showed up late! Remember when she just fully ghosted the Lindsay documentary crew? Oh, Lindsay. Listen, I believe people grow up and change, for sure. I hope this arc of her story works for her — one thing that’s smart is, if the spaces you’re in are toxic for you and you’re not making any forward progress, then pick new spaces. And she did that, to her credit. Hopefully she can dip a toe back in without going ham again.

[Writer: Brennan Kilbane; photographer: Ben Hassett; stylist: Natasha Royt]