I have to be honest: I think this cover is GREAT. I was just complaining thatĀ Allure felt like it was drifting away from its classic Close Up Face covers and here they are, showing me up. This is so striking and fun; my only real note is that I feel like it actually needs more cover lines but perhaps the newsstand version is different. (This seems like the perfect opportunity for them to crow about The New Mod Eye Look, after all.)

We’re only allowed to excerpt 100 words from the profile — correctly! Magazines need you to read their articles on their sites! — but it’s certainly worth a bit of your noodle-around time, although Joey doesn’t say anything objectively wild or anything that will raise your brows at all, which is a bonus for her and her PR team. It did teach me that she is currently engaged to a producer who I was originally concerned was much older than she is (she’s 23; he’s 31), and this made me chuckle:

“I have to tell you, people are going to audibly gasp when they read this part,” says King, as I prepare for her to admit that she goes tanning or doesn’t take her makeup off before bed. “My go-to face wash that I’ve been using since I was 13 isĀ Morning Burst by Clean & Clear. I used to use Sea Breeze [astringent] on my skin, so we’ve come a long way.”

Clean & Clear, offer this young woman a sponcon deal!

She also talks about her engagement ring in the piece, and it IS absolutely gorgeous:


It’s by a Brooklyn brand called Monciun and the setting is so unique; they really do have gorgeous jewelry. That manicure is likewise fantastic. Everyone, carry on!

[Credits: Writer: Dianna Mazzone; Photographer: Jens Ingvarsson; Stylist: Akari Endo Gaut; Hair: Kevin Ryan; Makeup: Benjamin Puckey; Manicure: Yuri Osuka]
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