I can absolutely picture the editorial meeting the folks at Allure had about this cover: “She’s such a girl next door. Let’s do something different. Something…UNDERPANTS!!”

The profile is a very nice one — Jennifer Garner seems like a sincerely decent person and does come across like Everyone’s Friend — but the editorial shoot is SO inspired by Alias that I cannot believe that wasn’t mentioned in the piece. (The show is mentioned in the course of the interview but the images are not.) It’s a very unusual way to see J. Gar these days, and it’s honestly a fun flashback. I also learned that she’s an excellent woodworker, which she learned for her new Apple TV+ show.  And she taught me this:

Well, now that the gates have cracked open… “I just learned that our vaginas may collapse,” she tells me. “I saw my OB this week and she gave me a pamphlet about vaginal collapse.” Garner’s eyes get wide, reliving the moment in the doctor’s office. She grabs her watch: “I’m like: ‘When? Is it imminent? Do I need to put it in my calendar? What is happening?!’ Have you ever heard of that?”


[Credits: Writer: Danielle Pergament; Photographer: Tom Schirmacher; Stylist: Yashua Simmons; Hair: Adir Abergel; Makeup: James Kaliardos; Nails: Temeka Jackson; Production: Viewfinders]