I just love this. Ciara has been wearing some wigs lately that do not do her full justice, so this cover is like a reawakening for me. It’s SO good. The color, the shape, the gleam in her eye. I want to hang out with this person, and I would also want to hear at length about her skincare regimen — which, as it turns out, is the crux of the cover. Celebrity skincare lines are the new celebrity-owned alcohols, which were the new cookbooks/lifestyle manuals, which were the new ghostwritten YA novels, which were the new clothing lines, which were kind of the new perfumes. It is not a shock that Ciara has one, because it seems like everyone does, and all of them say theirs is different but are sort of vague on how and why. But, in an interview that has some cute stories and asides, I like Ciara’s spirit here in addressing whether she’s stepping into a saturated market:

She does, however, notice that she has joined a kind of sisterhood. “You look around and you’re starting to see more women building out their beauty brands. I think that’s pretty amazing because it shows the power of how you can really build something if you desire to, and it’s also showing you the power of your platform. […] As far as the competitive part of it, all I know is what I built, and I know what I built is something special, and I believe in that. I think whenever something is right, if people receive it, it rises on its own way.”

She’s right that if the stuff is GOOD, it will stand the test of time — look at the way people swear by Fenty, for example — so she might as well treat this like a rising tide that floats all boats and then just make sure hers doesn’t develop a hole. Allure ran a whole thing in August about Ciara’s line On a Mission, and she did make a point of saying that they tested theirs on almost 100 women with every tone on the Fitzpatrick scale, which measures both pigment and how skin reacts to the sun, and implies this is not common practice. In sum: Everything uses Vitamin C; it’s not incredibly expensive, so you can affordably sample it to see if it’s better for you than the other bajillion products that use Vit-C and hope that you too will look like Ciara someday; and I would 100 percent try this before Jared Leto’s forthcoming line.

[Photos: Peter Ash Lee; Allure’s November 2022 issue is available on newsstands nationwide]
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