As summer starts to limp to its end, I feel honor-bound to find us things to celebrate! Like how today is the anniversary of the first ever televised baseball game! Or that it is apparently National Dog Day, National Cherry Popsicle Day, and National Toilet Paper Day — observances which, combined, have me admittedly a little bit concerned about what happened here, but whatever. Or even this! The four year anniversary of the time Awkwafina wore this very cute Versus Versace outfit to the MuchMusic Awards in Canada. It’s adorable! She looks great! Perfect lipstick! Let’s drink to this! (And also this is an opportunity for me to link to Awkwafina’s Red Carpet Retrospective, which was surprisingly fun, so go waste some time there, while you wait for the popsicles to chill.)

[Photo by Michael Hurcomb/Shutterstock]