I was inspired to do this on Monday night, when I realized that I actually hadn’t already done one of these (it was on my Pandemic Retrospective To Do List and, uh, guess we’re still here, so!). And I wish I’d gotten to it earlier, because this walk back down red carpet memory lane is pretty much a treat.

Like a lot of celebs, Awkwafina’s worked with more than one stylist. Per The Hollywood Reporter, she worked with Avo Yermagyan for much of the Crazy Rich Asians press tour (including awards season).  According to his Instagram, he tends to style a lot of men, and you can certainly see a menswear tailoring influence in a lot of her suits, so that makes sense. Since somewhere around 2019, as best I can tell, she’s mostly been working with Erica Cloud, who has a lot of cool clients like Phoebe Waller-Bridge and Dan Levy, and they also seem to be vibing really well aesthetically. Basically, this is a very pleasant look back at three years of red carpet success, with just enough sequins. Well done to all involved!

[Photos: Shutterstock, Getty Images]