Did you watch the show? What did you think? I actually really enjoyed it — I forgot how many musical performances there are at the VMAs (somehow) — although this show always feels about 45 minutes too long. My own top level thoughts are:

Young Madonna would have notes on this Current Madonna, and she is kinda bumming me — an aged Gen X crone whose first album purchase was Like a Virgin — out. (Yes, we covered her earlier but I needed to give my two cents.) I wish Madonna would look at some older women who are still cool, of which there are many, and think about her legacy. I feel like she could have been so revolutionary and punk in her 60s instead of repeating the same old same old for years. Madge, there’s still time!

Doja Cat was a VERY cute host and so charming. (I even liked her Pepsi ad and this is a Coke household.) She also wore some WILD fun stuff, which is deeply appreciated. You’ll see it all in the slideshow.

Jennifer Lopez must have gotten some great sleep on a private jet between Venice and here and also she looked AMAZING in an outfit which is merely held together by strings.

That Bieber/Kid Laroi collab is VERY good and I thought that was an excellent performance from them.

I’m very happy for the youths that they have this Olivia Rodrigo album to scream-sing along to in their cars when thinking about their break-ups. That’s not sarcasm! I really like that album and I would have been LIVING FOR IT through some Dumb Boy Problems of my youth.

As an aforementioned aged Gen X crone, I was pleased that Foo Fighters can still kill it. 

I didn’t get any shots of Alicia Keys in her fantastic sparkly number doing¬†Empire State of Mind against the backdrop of the Twin Towers-in-lights memorial, which is so beautiful every year, but I thought that was lovely.

More thoughts in the slideshow, obviously. How did it grab you?

[Photos: Shutterstock, Getty Images, Kevin Mazur/MTV VMAs 2021/Getty Images for MTV/ViacomCBS]