I read a rumor that Anna Wintour wanted the Met Gala to be the buzzy debut of Bennifer 3.0 (assuming you count Garner as the first sequel), but that Ben either couldn’t or wouldn’t attend tonight. So, the Venice Film Festival got the honor, and it was such a smart decision that surely it was by their own PR design. By this point, there was very little red-carpet competition in Venice, thereby ensuring Bennifer would be the headline. And boy did that work. The event became ALL about the two of them. The touching, the gazing, the kissing. They put on a show — I’m not saying they didn’t mean it; just that they gave the people what they’ve wanted and then some — to the tune of 20 pages of photos of them on Getty Images. The Met Gala just has too many other stories going on for them to dominate the headlines like they did here. Brilliant. Tip your managers, Ben and Jen!

[Photos: Shutterstock]