To me, one of the big signs of being middle-aged (perhaps even just emotionally) is realizing that you have a preferred brand of something that is distinctly unglamourous, like toilet paper. (I feel like this is something that many people discovered about themselves in the early days of the pandemic. Mine is Angel Soft.)  It seems unsurprising to be brand-loyal to something like soda — I’m a Diet Coke house, obviously, but I’m agnostic on the Dr Pepper vs Mr Pibb question — or to come down on one side of the McDonalds v. Burger King debate, or to have a preferred tampon, but I’m interested in hearing what sort of weird or unusual items you’re brand-loyal to, even unintentionally — like, will you only buy one kind of garbage bag? Are you annoyed if you have to buy a different brand of gas? Will you only drink Tropicana No Pulp?  Do you ONLY buy Heinz ketchup? (I thought about this last one a lot because I just rewatched Mad Men and there’s a lot of drama involving Heinz. I DO only buy Heinz ketchup.) Do you prefer a really niche brand of tights and it’s annoying but you have to look all over town for them and you do? Tell us!