There have been a lot of deliberately misleading headlines screeching that Nicole Ari Parker is “replacing” Samantha or Kim Cattrall, which isn’t fair to her because a) it immediately forces a comparison between her and an iconic TV character with years of history, and b) she isn’t a recast, and c) it’s uncool to frame her as any kind of replacement or player coming up off the bench, as if she would not deserve to be there in her own right. Samantha is not on the show. Nicole’s character is. It remains to be seen whether they’re similar in any way — beyond posh professional lady attire — and if so, then okay, we can discuss whether it’s the writers’ lazy attempt to fill a void. But it took this long for this franchise to add any characters of color (and then, there was the horrid job they did with Jennifer Hudson in the movie), so I hope she can make it her own, rather than be forced to swim upstream against the show’s missing fourth Musketeer. END RANT.

The good news here is that I love her shoes, and the bright colors. The bad news is those Bermuda shorts. With a top that voluminous, I feel like sleeker pants would be more helpful than slightly baggy or billowy bottoms.

Celebrity Sightings In New York City - August 31, 2021

Charlotte couldn’t help but wonder: Was it time for a sassy bob and some glasses that say, “I don’t suffer fools”? Or does she, in fact, suffer fools?

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