I haven’t watched much Ryan Murphy programming since the Versace miniseries — I think that and the O.J. one were very well done, but I didn’t finish Feud, and I only made it through the second season of AHS… He’s done more that I’ve skipped than I’ve seen, basically, so I can’t decide where that leaves me with this. I know Monica Lewinsky exec-produced and consulted on this, which will help give her a voice she didn’t have before, and I am VERY curious about Clive Owen as Bill Clinton?!? And Cobie Smulders plays Ann Coulter?!? But at the same time, I’m also not sure I WANT to go there. I don’t feel the same pull toward the insider nitty-gritty as I did with The People vs. OJ Simpson, and it’s not as much of an unknown to me as Andrew Cunanan’s crime spree was. Where do you fall with it? I’m open to being swayed.

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