Nicole Richie in Great News was such a treat — I am so sad that friendly little comedy didn’t last, because it had a strong ensemble and a lot of flair — and yet even that couldn’t get me into Quibi. Nicole has a show called Nikki Fre$h, where she plays a version of herself who releases an album about stuff like… gardening, I think? I meant to sample it, but everything else on Quibi was so painfully bad that I deleted it with gusto before I could. But from the pictures I’ve seen on the Internet, Nikki Fre$h wears a lot of headband-style extravagances, and this appears to be evoking that. I actually like this; it’s fun and it’s neon and it’s BIG, and she also somehow looks like she is parodying a self-serious socialite who is herself dressed as Lady Liberty. There are a lot of layers to that onion, but it amused me and made me glad she is back. So, while I don’t think this really works as PR for a show on an app nobody really cares about, it DOES work as PR for Nicole Richie, and maybe that’s the same thing.

[Photo: Getty]