The coverage of these looks is going to be a hodgepodge of Instagram, Getty Images, and pics I took off my TV — they did a GREAT job with this production, but it’s hard to get a ton of snaps of people’s outfits when it’s not a live event and there is a limited number of photographers in the house. Anyway! Keke is so warm and charming and likeable. I was very happy to spend some quality time with her last night.

Click through to see the front view of this, too; it’s VERY cute on her. It’s a real party dress.

This, we mostly saw from the waist up on the telecast:

I actually think it’s better when you can’t see the trim around the skirt’s slit; having the detailing on the leg AND the arm makes her sort of feel like she might stylistically topple over. (I type this as I am watching a skit where Another Keke makes fun of this very dress on Host Keke, and I’m not totally sure what the point of this skit is, except I find Catty Keke really funny. She called this a “light-to-medium tragic choice of a top,” and then GASPED when she realized it was a dress. “You dress like my friend Janet who never leaves her walk-in closet without looking like she escaped an Amazon bargain-bin fire sale, which is hysterical, because these clothes themselves look like they should be set aflame.” I laughed, so did the audience — Keke’s delivery was VERY funny — and honestly Catty Keke can take over for me today and forever.)

[Photos: Getty, Instagram, me]