This had to be a pretty big moment for Bebe Rexha, who I don’t think has quite gotten to household name status even with that Florida Georgia Line duet; the VMAs may feel Over to those of us who were spring chickens back when they began, but it’s still a huge stage, doubly so when we’re all at home with very little to compete against it. So, it feels on-brand and yet forehead-smacking that she went with a stringy trenchcoat — by which I do mean “bedecked with strings” and not simply “mangy” — over bike shorts. We didn’t have a full-length photo, but the cords went down past her knees and she had on plain black one-strap sandals. However, given that the VMAs host Keke Palmer once won Fug Madness with pants devoted to her love of Leonardo DiCaprio, I’m kind of bummed Bebe didn’t finish this with boots that had been decoupaged with photos of her obvious inspiration: Demi Moore in bike shorts at the Oscars. Now THERE is your big impact moment, Bebe. Better luck next time.

[Photo: Getty]