I need to apologize for the quality of this photo. It is not good! I took it off my TV! This was the only photo available to me on Getty, which I appreciate for how it captures The Essence of This Time, but you can’t really see the whole look:

2020 MTV Video Music Awards

From the waist up, she looks SO cute. That is why I screeched when I saw the wide shot and realized it was A CULOTTES JUMPSUIT! On the other hand…perhaps I should embrace (emotionally) Drew Barrymore choosing to give me this delicious melange: It’s shiny (good) and also a culottes jumpsuit (terrifying to me personally on an emotional level). So much to unpack, so much to so consider, so much to think about — so much that’s not These Times! So, thank you, Drew. I will definitely check out your new talk show. (I feel like Drew will probably be a very cute and warm talk show host.)

Also, apparently this look I so enjoyed on Brie Larson was ALSO A LIE! Everything is falling apart. (However: That also makes me think that Drew already owned this dress and just dressed herself, which is endearing — as much as I’m otherwise stoked for Hollywood’s stylists to have something sort of normal to work on again!)

[Photos: Getty, me]