Fug File: super(and unsuper)models

Fugs and Fabs: Models at the British Fashion Awards

We should make up a Model Wardrobe Bingo card for these sorts of things. “Sheer with hotpants” is obviously the center square.

[Photos: AKM/GSI, Splash, Vantage.co.uk]


Fugs and Fabs: The CFDA Awards


*SEE? Not an Urban Fug Legend. “Don’t forget to go back and write the intro to that post, Jessica,” I told myself. BUT I DID FORGET. And now, Fug Nation, I am leaving for you here the rare but real “I ACCIDENTALLY PUBLISHED ‘words’ POST.” I do think this means we all get cookies or something now, though.

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Well Spun: Alek Wek

I’ll admit, when she stands still, this dress is underwhelming.

Alek Wek attends the 9th annual Keep A Child Alive Black Ball

It’s a cute pattern — I enjoy that it almost looks three-dimensional — but the cut is a little maternity, almost, and the heavy stockings and shoes weigh it down.

But then she walks:

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What The Fug: Alessandra Ambrosio at amfAR Inspiration LA Gala

Between this and the annual Cannes event, what IS it about amfAR that makes people think, “Yes! FINALLY, a place where I can really air out my crevices”?

Alessandra Ambrosio

Of course, from the front, it’s mostly a Codpiece Gone Wild. I feel like I’m looking at an anaconda having lunch, but from above.

The back will not surprise you, but it may alarm:

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WTF: Kate Moss

In case you ever found yourself wondering when Kate Moss was going to go Full Crackpot:

Annabel's party

The answer is, “last night.”

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The Fugra Banks Show

I can’t believe Tyra is returning to daytime TV, in a show that sounds like it’s The Talk mixed with The Doctors. She should call it The Knockoff. (In all seriousness, though, Tyra is mad entertaining at full boar, and I will totally watch it to see if she again bravely confronts her fear of dolphins, or rewards a girl for facing her fear of clowns WITH TICKETS TO THE CIRCUS moments after giving diamonds to a girl who was afraid to put a cookie sheet in an oven).

Tyra Banks at the 'Good Morning America' show in NYC

I also can’t believe she let this happen to her. Why would you ever voluntarily WEAR a shirt that looks like you don’t understand how to USE a shirt?

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