H&M Conscious is H&M’s line of eco-friendly clothing, which someone generally wears to an awards show and we are all like, “oh that’s so nice I wish it looked better.” We’ve had some very interesting convos about eco-conscious clothing lately, thanks to Emma Watson’s Beauty and the Beast press junkets, and, frankly, I have to wonder if the most environmentally conscious thing to do as a celebrity is to just re-wear what you’ve got (as one of you said at the time).  That would not help H&M, of course, and obviously, I salute people for doing the best they can for a good cause, and we all need a new work skirt now and then, but if we’re talking $6000 dresses, dude, take that frock for another twirl. The Duchess of Cambridge rewears stuff, Kirsten Dunst recently rewore a dress, Keira Knightley has reworn her wedding dress a bunch of times, and god knows there are ensembles out there we’d all love to see again. (The issue in part is that many famous red carpet ensembles are loaners and go back into the designer vaults, but maybe OdlR and Rodarte and Naeem Khan and whoever should just start lending them to multiple people.) It might be a fun trick for stylists to try to rework something so that it feels fresh again. It’s obviously in my best interest, professionally, for people to wear as many crazy new looks as possible, but aren’t there outfits you’re dying to see again? I really want Cate Blanchett to pop up somewhere in her bonkers toilet-seat Oscars frock again, or for Lupita to take her blue Prada out for another twirl.

Sorry, H&M, I really didn’t mean to argue against what you’re doing — it is a good idea! — but I just really got going there.