The Daily, for the uninitiated, is cheeky publication that is handed out daily (hence the name) at Fashion Week; they also have a website, and put out a regular publication in the Hamptons during the summer. It’s a very entertaining 25-30 page publication, and I suspect it grew out of the fact that, pre-cell phones, no one had anything to do while they sat around and waited for whatever fashion show to begin. (Now, of course, everyone just stares at her phone, which is sort of depressing.) It’s a very glossy and amusing and gossipy diversion and I always really enjoyed reading it when we went to Fashion Week. Once a year, they host this particular event in Los Angeles which, per their press release, is “celebrating the visionaries who make the intersection between fashion and Hollywood the most stylish place to be.” But what does this event do for them? I asked myself as I read this presser. “The honorees were celebrated in The Daily Front Row: Hollywood Edition, a collectible issue of the glossy magazine that also highlighted the best of runways from Europe and the chicest shopping destinations in Los Angeles,” the release explained. Oh! Thanks! It also gave us some bonkers outfits on models to eyeball, for which I am eternally grateful.

[Photos: Getty Images]