Freeform officially greenlit a sequel to Life Size, the movie in which Tyra Banks plays Lindsay Lohan’s doll who — yes — comes to life. (Everyone has been careful not to say, “OMG no of course Lindsay won’t be in it ARE YOU JOKING,” but suffice to say the message is that they are still casting every other part.) And so Tyra, who is newly busy again as the host of two talent-seeking shows and now the star of this, has EVEN MORE excuses to go outside in nutty pants. I could not be more delighted.

The thing about this outfit is, it’s loud and it’s twee and it’s truly not for me, but I think she looks swell in it. Tyra Banks can totally pull off an Easter pantsuit. It’s the wig and the lipstick I’m not feeling right now (particularly the wig; its color and cut are totally swallowing up her face, which is hard to do). Truly, it feels like Tyra took a look at this outfit once it was on her body and balked a little. TYRA. Never balk. Trust your fastball, and your curveball, and your screwball. They’re always there for you.

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]