Spoiler: Harry was cute with kids this week.

If you missed it earlier this week, we’ve had LOTS of royals content:

Wills and Kate went to Easter with the Queen (and everyone else), and Kate wore a hat many of you thought was too Retro-Nurse.

- Kate hosted marathoners at KP, in a new Breton-stripe that I covet.

- And she and Wills and Harry popped out yesterday. They’re also going to be at the London Marathon on Sunday, so come back this weekend and I will bring that to you as well! SO MANY OUTFITS to see.

- I also read that new Prince Charles biography, and picked out the best bits for you.

Elsewhere on the internet:

– As part of talking about mental health this week, Kate spoke about how hard it can be to be a new mother. [Glamour]

– And William’s been talking about the grief and shock of losing his mother. [People]

– The interview that’s been getting the most attention, rightly, is the one Harry gave about his own near breakdown, and the way therapy helped him. [The Telegraph]

– The Telegraph also wonders: What will The Duchess of Cambridge wear for sister Pippa Middleton’s wedding?

– This was a fun piece at What Would Kate Do about the process of IDing what Kate is wearing. (A lot of it, honestly, is just practice of looking at stuff. I ID’ed one of her outfits when they were in Australia pretty quickly because I just recognized the print as being DVF, because I look at a lot of DVF when I window-shop.)

– This is neat, at The Telegraph: Duke of Wellington’s 400-piece gilt dinner set laid out for first time. It’s v. understated, right? And, finally, in your round-up of interesting social media: Wills and Kate and Harry continue pushing their mental health awareness program, which I think is GREAT.

This is EXTREMELY cute to me — Wills has clearly been practicing his Radio DJ voice. Also: What is Kate wearing?!

Oh, here, we can see what she’s wearing. Sorry, I’m basically live-blogging the experience of looking at these tweets. TAKE THIS JOURNEY WITH ME.

Hey, it’s Sophie!

Aw, Posh!

Feeling incredibly proud #OBE #BuckinghamPalace X VB

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The Danes celebrated Queen Margrethe’s birthday this week:

Maxima looks festive here — as usual:

And, obviously, I need to end on this note:

It’s not her birthday — we share one! Hers is next month — but that of the school there. Regardless: festive!