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Royals Round-Up, October 30th, 2015

Here at GFY, we had A LOT of royals coverage this week. Make sure you catch up, if you missed any of these:

– Prince Harry was on America soil and was super charming with Michelle Obama and Jill Biden.

– Kate wore a VERY divisive floral Erdem gown.

– Kate also re-wore a grey and black Orla Kiely day dress, which I personally love.

Wills, Kate, and Harry all went to the Spectre premiere.

– And the trio also spent a morning with kids, tossing wellies at things.

And in the slideshow above, we’ve got all kinds of things for you to enjoy — extras from the stuff we already covered, an amazing temple in Indonesia, a spectacular gown on Queen Letizia, AND MORE.


– At Marie Claire, let’s look at Wills and Kate’s wedding menu! (It’s up for auction.)

– This is exciting! Via The Telegraph: Largest ever exhibition of the Queen’s wardrobe planned for her 90th birthday. I want to go!

– The Daily Beast has a good piece on why Wills, Kate, and Harry make such a good trio for royal outings.

Hello! wisely did a piece on Kate’s best coats.

Entertainment Weekly has a piece on King Charles III, which is a new Broadway play set in the future, when Charles is king. Which I know at least one of you has already seen — we want details, as this is (for a lot of reasons) obviously a point of interest.

People has the scoop on Kate and George’s recent trip to see the dinosaurs.

– Over at the Royal Hats blog, we get a look at the current visit Prince Akishino and Princess Kiko of Japan are taking to Brazil.

– Look how cozy the Windsor drawing room (OR WHATEVER) is:

- Basically weekly, William gets to knight people, and we rarely get the photos. That’s one of the many reasons I am excited to be able to embed tweets!

– Maxima sported this amazing Van Gogh-themed frock during a state visit to China (which she had to cut short, to go home and be admitted to the hospital for a kidney infection. Get better soon, Max!):


Royally Played: Prince Harry and Michelle Obama at the Invictus Games 2016 Event

These two are clearly on each other’s Christmas card lists. Today, they were in Virginia for an event promoting the Invictus Games, which will be held in 2016 in Orlando. The Invictus Games are an international competition for wounded service members, based on the U.S. Warrior Games that took place in Colorado in 2013. Apparently Harry saw them and thought it was such a good idea that it should have an international version much like the Olympics, so he launched the contest, the first of which was in 2014 in London. Today he met with wounded soldiers and talked a lot about supporting injured servicemen and those with “invisible injuries” like PTSD, and watched a wheelchair hoops game… and of course, generally got everyone excited, and let his PPOs and her Secret Service Agents play a rollicking poker game, and give fodder to a million more White House/Buck House fan fictions.

The First Lady is in Tadashi Shoji; Harry is in a blue suit with a brighter blue tie, because I guess some things are just elemental with those boys.


[Photos: Getty]


Royally Played: The Duchess of Cambridge in Erdem

YOU GUYS. You KNOW how I feel about (a) patterned evening gowns, and, (b) Erdem in general. I really wish this didn’t have the dust-ruffle detailing on the bottom, but I feel like that’s looking a gift horse in the mouth because — although I suspect this will be very very divisive — I really like this, that bit notwithstanding. Between this gutsy choice, and the bare, sheer back on last night’s Jenny Packham, it seems Strides Are Being Made in terms of fashion adventurousness, and I am definitely here for that.

I also think said Dust Ruffle looks MUCH better in movement than it does in pictures:

Let us discuss!

PS: This 100 Women in Hedge Funds event raised money for one of Kate’s charities, The Art Room, which — if I may quote the DMIK — “uses art therapy to build confidence in vulnerable children experiencing emotional and behavioural difficulties.” 

[Photos: Getty]


Royally Replayed: The Duchess of Cambridge in Orla Kiely

You guys, it’s been a long time since we’ve seen the nude shoes. I feel like the rabid fan of a sports team that’s on a highly improbable winning streak; deeply superstitious and sure the other shoe is about to drop — no pun intended. Kate has another event tonight (another Formal Gown Event, no less) and at this point, I worry it’s possible she will show up with one on her head. As to this outfit! I was weirdly just looking at the last time she wore this, because it happened on the same page of our Wills and Kate archives as The Teal Jenny Packham, and I had to reference that for the Bond premiere last night. (The last time she wore it was, by the way, also the time we found out that Prince Charles has no idea how to use an iron.) I liked it then, I like it now, I approve of the ponytail.

KP’s Twitter, on their game these past few days, has snaps of the inside:

[Photos: Getty]


Royally Played: Wills, Kate (in Jenny Packham), and Harry at the Spectre Premiere

As ever, I have thoughts. My main thought is that I might not love this color, but the problem is that I can’t figure out what the color actually is. (Nothing will ever top this Jenny Packham, as far as I am concerned, but I confess that I was hoping for something a little more like this Alexander McQueen — also, btw, from a Bond premiere.) (PS: That first link also includes the infamous Harry Looks Longingly At Champagne/Kisses a Puppy Polo Outing, which is one of my favorites.) On the other hand, I applaud that the back is sort of secretly sexy and it’s very floaty, and who doesn’t enjoy a sparkly belt/a complicated updo? Let’s discuss at length. (We will also cover the rest of the Spectre premiere eventually, don’t worry. You guys, people looked GOOD.) (Could this post include any more parenthetical asides?)

There is also video, courtesy of The Telegraph. The musical choices made there are very apropos.

(In case you missed it, they also had an outing this morning. Kate’s day dress was incredibly cute, and everyone chucked rain boots at things. Seriously.)

And, in our new and continuing series, Someone New At Kensington Palace Is Doing Their Social Media Now And It’s WAY BETTER, this is kind of rad. (If you click on the embedded tweet, you can flip through the archive pics.)


Royally Played, Wills, Kate (in Tabitha Webb), and Harry

a) I LOVE this outfit on Kate. You guys know my feelings on patterns.

b) The three of them are also attending the Spectre premiere tonight, so stay tuned for more shenanigans. I love it when the palace sends the three of them out together. I vote for Trio Shenanigans At All Times, please.

c) This particular event — which was a big to-do with loads of kids, and patients from the Royal Marsden hospital, was hosted by Charities Forum (which is the collection of all the charities that these three are patrons of, or work with) and BAFTA –  also produced a variety of entertainment for us, such as when they all did something called “welly wanging,” wherein one wangs a welly at something to try and knock it over, which I decided someone obviously originally made up as a prank. Wills nailed it:

Harry, to his very amusing dismay, did not:

In addition to wanging a welly, Kate also got to do some greenscreen acting with a child:


Royals Round-Up, October 23rd, 2015

There is A LOT happening in this post, this week, today, and next week. Today, we had a trip to Scotland for Wills and Kate, which I covered earlier. They did other stuff this week, too — see below! — and then next week is going to be bonkers. They, and Harry, have like six events each — several of which are on the same day, and which they all get to do together (which is obviously the best), and then Harry is popping over here to the US for some shenanigans, while Kate is doing other shenanigans and presumably William is going to work to fly people around/staying home and doing a face mask, I dunno. ANYWAY. Stay tuned, is what I am saying, if you like it when those three leave the house together. And in this particular post, we’ve got Harry! Caftans! Tall people! Flags!

In case you missed it, here at GFY:

KATE WORE A TIARA. Also William was there in white tie and no one cared EXCEPT ME. And, presumably, Kate.

Wills and Kate popped out for a reception and she wore lace and he wore a giant rain barrel.

They also took a wee jaunt up to Scotland where she wore THE BEST coat and tried to steal a ship.

And, in news regarding not them but us, in case you missed it, The Royal We is on track to become a feature film, thanks to Lauren Graham and Mae Whitman and CBS Films. We are EXTREMELY thrilled.

And elsewhere:

People has the details on Harry’s upcoming trip to the United States. Fug Nation DC and Virgina, I expect a full report!

– Royalista has a piece on From Commoner To Royal transformations, focusing on Charlene, Letizia, and Crown Princess Mary.

– At the New York Times: The Duchess of Cambridge and Sartorial Diplomacy

–CCTV News has video of basically the entire State Banquet -- well, the bits where everyone wanders in and chats aimlessly and waits for the Queen to sweep in, and then sits down for some toasting and speeching. (If you read The Royal We, that’s the room where Nick’s birthday is held, although we decorated it differently.) There are a LOT of randos in tiaras. (Randos in Tiaras is my new band.) It is weirdly riveting if you are, like me, a hugely nosy people-watcher. (At one point, around 8:50, Cameron wacks some guy on the behind with his invitation.) The royals come in at around 13:00, so you can finally see Wills in his white tie before he disappears behind a plant forever.

The Express has an exclusive and fairly extensive interview with Sophie Wessex.

BBC has clips from the DIY SOS episode on which Harry and William guested, and I think you can watch the entire episode there as well; it’s really quite lovely.

– Princess Lalla Salma wore a VERY BEADED outfit the other night. (Hello!)

– Speaking of movies, at Vanity Fair, Watch Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret Have a Wild Adventure in A Royal Night Out

– This is so fascinating, and quite apt, at The Atlantic: How the British Royal Family Became a Global Brand

– Speaking of the Brits, their official social media has started doing their own little weekly Royals Round-Up, which I think is smart, although I would use a more rousing soundtrack. What about “8 Mile” next week, guys?:

– And:

– And finally, Crown Princess Mary brought out the feathers: