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Royally Played, the Duchess of Cambridge in Alexander McQueen, Michael Kors, and Roksanda

A full day of shenanigans for Kate, beginning with her opening the new garden at Hampton Court, taking a pit-stop for a lunch reception at one of her charities celebrating their opening a new center for children’s mental health, and ending with her visiting her new pictures in British Vogue at the National Portrait Gallery. As far as Hampton Court goes: WE WERE JUST THERE. No, literally. We were at Hampton Court less than two weeks ago! I got to turn meat on a spit! If you could have just moved your schedule around, Kate, it would have been ever so helpful.

We are going to do a larger write-up of our trip very soon, but Hampton Court is beautiful.  I mean, look at this:

There is also a hedge maze! You know I love a maze!

While I’m waxing poetic, actually, the National Portrait Gallery is also amazing (it is there, a few years ago, that I saw this amazing portrait of Idris Elba which I carry in my heart always, and also in my phone) and it has a bar on the top floor with great views. I am always looking to make sure that you have had sufficient champagne. This Vogue exhibition looks quite diverting, so please one of you, go see it and then go upstairs and sloshed for me, please, and provide a full report. See? Diverting!

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Royally Played: Princess Charlotte’s First Birthday Portraits

This has been a very busy couple of days on the Kensington Palace social mediums! Yesterday, Kate’s British Vogue cover was released, and today, they released pics of Charlotte to celebrate her first birthday (which is May 2nd). And you know what that means! Time for a rousing round of Which Relative Does This Cuddly Child Most Resemble?

[PS: For reference, these are George's first birthday pictures. To me, she looks like Wills. And kind of like the Queen. Although it's becoming more and more possible that every baby looks like the Queen.]

[Photos: HRH The Duchess of Cambridge via Getty Images]


Royally Played: The Duchess of Cambridge Covers British Vogue, June 2016

Well! I did not expect to see this screaming down the intertubes when I was sitting around eating frozen waffles and watching Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, but thank goodness I was home to bring it to you IMMMMMMEDIATELY, so we can discuss!  The Daily Beast has a good primer on how this all came about, and British Vogue’s long history with royal portraiture, but, in short, this shoot was done in partnership with the National Portrait Gallery, of which Kate is the patron, and I’ve decided she figured this was a good way to replace her HIDEOUS PORTRAIT there with something more flattering. (I mean, it’s OFFICIALLY in honor of British Vogue turning 100, but let’s get real. Last time we were at the NPG, her portrait was “out for cleaning.” Girlfriend has been trying to distract from that thing for the last five years.)

Anyway, per Vogue’s own piece about this, which is actually quite interesting, these shots were taken in Norfolk, and they do totally feel like Posh Country Living (“one of my favorite genres,” she said, wiping a bit of peanut butter off her sofa cushions). Apparently, there are several more snaps in the spread, which we’ll all get to see when the issue comes out on May 5th, at which point I obviously will have to put on pants and shuffle over to my international newsstand and more fully investigate. Until then, let’s eyeball these, shall we?

PS: It goes without saying, of course, that the fact that these are going to be on display in London at the National Portrait Gallery, one of my favorite museums ever, like a week after we left London makes me want to drown myself in a vat of Pimms. Although I guess I often want to dive into a vat of Pimms, so….yeah, carry on.

Also of interest, while we’re on the subject:

We saw those Diana covers while we were in London at Kensington Palace’s fashion exhibit, but the Anne ones, you guys. I NEED TO KNOW MORE. I’m real concerned about her hat. (If you click on the embedded tweet, FYI, it will take you to the tweet itself, and you can scroll though the actual covers.)

[Photos: British Vogue]


Royals Round-Up, April 29th, 2015

Today’s Royal’s Round-Up brings you Maximum Harry, puppies, suspicions, and Maxima eating a giant eclair. What more could you want?

Elsewhere here at GFY this week, we had much royals coverage in which you might be interested:

- First of all, The Royal We came out in paperback this Tuesday, bonus chapter and all! You can get it everywhere from Amazon to Target to your local indie bookstore, and we hope you love it. (If you have the Kindle or Nook version, it should have updated with the new chapter by now, just FYI.)

- We put together a HUGE post today celebrating Wills & Kate’s fifth wedding anniversary that I think (and hope) you might enjoy. It’s MASSIVE. So much gazing!

- While we were in the UK last week, Heather and I saw two fantastic exhibits of royal fashion. We took lots of pictures!

- Also last week, but you might have missed it as this happened after Royals Round-Up went up, the Obamas went to dinner with the Cambridges and Harry, and George welcomed everyone in his tiny baby robe.

And, elsewhere:

– Obviously, we begin with this:

There is so much about that which I love — Harry and Michelle texting; Michelle’s dress; all the plants in that drawing room; Harry in general — but MOST OF ALL I think I love how funny the Queen is in it.

The Telegraph has a story about Harry in which he tells a student that he probably won’t ever be king. Which…I hope not, because some shit would have to go down for that to happen.

– Also, Lainey’s got the BBC interview with Harry.

– At The Mirror: Kate Middleton ‘still terrified of putting a foot wrong’ despite five years of royal marriage. Uh, is this really a story saying Kate’s doing it wrong by worrying that she’s doing it wrong? THE SNAKE IS EATING ITSELF.

Cosmo took a close-up look at the interior of Wills and Kate’s KP apartment.

– This story in People makes me laugh: How Princess Kate Is Preparing for Princess Charlotte’s First Birthday. Basically, the gist is, “we have NO IDEA, but it’ll probably be nice????”

Harper’s Bazaar did a piece on what various celebs have worn to meet the Queen.

– And Tatler has a quiz testing your Duchess of Cambridge knowledge, on which I scored 100%. I should hope so!

This was quite charming:


Royally Played: Wills and Kate’s Fifth Wedding Anniverary, Or: Five Years Of Gazing

If you enjoy royal romances, dreamy gazing, surreptitious holiday hand-holding, and the occasional interesting outfit, what better place to look for them than this truly gigantic round-up of the last five years of Cambridge Wedded Bliss? (With, of course, Bonus Harry. Apparently, it’s not a party without him.)

(Speaking of royal romances, it’s an apt time to remind you that The Royal We came out in paperback on Tuesday! You can get it basically anywhere, including Target — and we hope you love it.)


Well Played: Royal Fashion Exhibits of the UK

As you know if you followed me and Heather on a variety of social media during our recent Visit Britain trip, we saw two exhibits of royal fashion while we were in the UK, and I promised a full report. In short: Both were terrific. And both exhibits really delve into topics we discuss here a lot — namely, why certain gowns are chosen for certain events, and the high level of wardrobe planning that goes into dressing someone in the public eye.

When we were in Scotland, we saw the newest of the two, “Fashioning a Reign: 90 Years of Style From the Queen’s Wardrobe.” It’s a beautifully curated three-room experience that displays everything from ball gowns to suits to hats, along with photos from when The Queen wore the outfits. What’s more, it’s part of a special trio of similarly themed exhibits that we were told do not repeat each other, and will all be on for a limited time at different points of the year and at different royal residences, with only a short period of overlap in which you could see all three. So PLAN ACCORINGDLY, because it’s worth it, and here are the logistical details to juggle:

Constituting the largest collective display of The Queen’s dress ever mounted, the first exhibition will open at the Palace of Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh for Her Majesty’s birthday on 21 April 2016 until 16 October 2016. The second, and largest exhibition will be at the Summer Opening of the State Rooms, Buckingham Palace, from 23 July to 2 October 2016 and the third will open at Windsor Castle from 17 September 2016 to 8 January 2017.

Apparently the Buckingham Palace exhibit will have over 100 looks (!!), so essentially I demand that at least one of you go to that one and the Windsor one and report back. We have a few shots of what we saw in Edinburgh, courtesy of their press office, and I have to stress that it really is a fabulous sight to behold.

Earlier in the week, we saw “Fashion Rules” at Kensington Palace, which has selections from Princess Diana’s and Princess Margaret’s wardrobes, as well as other items from the Queen’s, and it is ALSO excellent. That one has been on for a while — I think it is at least semi-permanent — but it seems that they cycle items in and out, since there were looks there that Heather didn’t see when she’d visited a few years ago. They allow photos, and I took many, which I bring to you today. Further, both that and the new Royal Collection exhibit feature original fashion drawings (such as the image that opens this slideshow), and those are so awesome. I want to have some of them framed to hang in my house. They’re amazing pieces of art, and thank goodness someone thought to keep them.

While I’ve got you here, we also saw the History of Undercrackers Exhibit at the V&A, which was also very good. We went the day that I was in my most excruciating foot pain, and there was something poetic about the fact that I kept noting to Heather how extremely uncomfortable corsets looked whilst I was unable to walk thanks to choosing to wear attractive but heeled boots that day. (In my defense, those shoes are usually very comfortable, but we’d taken like 30,000 steps the day before and my feet were in outright rebellion like my American forebears.)

[Photos: Royal Collection Trust, Jessica Morgan]


Well Played, The Obamas, the Cambridges, Harry, and George

Late breaking awesomeness! And I’m dying. The robe! The rocking horse! (Which was a gift from the Obamas when George was born.) The inside of the Wills and Kate KP apartment, for the first time! LITERAL PIANO PICS.


Also, so many thoughts: Kate looks great and is still, as Heather just said to me, high on the success of her Highly Patterned Trip! Michelle looks like she decided to dress Kate Style, except with jazzier shoes! President Obama holds an umbrella for his wife! People are gossiping!  Honestly, I am REALLY DISAPPOINTED I wasn’t invited to this party.

PS: We covered POTUS and FLOTUS’s visit with QE2 and Phil earlier today, in Royals Round-Up (along with a LOT of other stuff. We saw the Queen!).

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