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Wills and Kate’s Royal Tour of India and Bhutan: Kate’s Wardrobe Retrospective

We did this when they took their tour of Australia and New Zealand, and I thought it was entertaining. After all, who doesn’t love to vote? Let’s pass some judgement and decide which of Kate’s tour ensembles most tickled our collective fancy. Collectively speaking, I think this may be Kate’s most successful tour yet. So many patterns and colors! Here’s hoping she takes a bit of this feeling and brings it home. (If you feel you need to revisit each outfit in greater detail, the entire tour can be found here.)

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Wills and Kate’s Royal Tour of India and Bhutan, Day Seven: Alexander McQueen and Naeem Khan

THE TAJ MAHAL! What an excellent big finish for this trip — and, of course, a very symbolic one, given that it’s (a) possibly the world’s most famous symbol of love, and (b) the site of one of Diana’s most melancholy photos. How nice for Wills to get a chance to write a happier story there. (I actually spoke to Time magazine about that briefly last week.) And in other important news: I have been HIGHLY enamored of Kate’s wardrobe on this trip, and she went out with a bang, courtesy, AT LAST, of my beloved NAEEM KHAN.

PS: If you’d like to look at their entire trip in one place, you can do that here. This trip was quite fun, wasn’t it? Let’s do it again sometime.

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Wills and Kate’s Royal Tour of India and Bhutan, Day Six: Beulah, Jaeger

Bhutan looks amazing, and I really wish I could visit, and I would LOVE to arrive at the top of this mountain and see this gorgeous, historic monastery,  and this majestic vista. And yet I am ALSO glad that no one made me hike for several hours this morning, so, you know…we’ll call it even today, Kate. Kinda. Okay, not really, because I covet tonight’s dress mightily. It is simply divine.

I bring you a little extra A/V assistance today. I think my favorite part of this is how you can see all the reporters/security/their personal retinue etc scrambling after them –  although also I think much of the press pack went ahead of them, to be there when they arrived (you know I love Royal Logistics):

I feel like, if you’re not in good shape for a looooooooooong stroll up a mountain in very high altitude, you probably found yourself wishing you’d trained harder for this about twenty minutes in. Emily Andrews at The Sun made me laugh when she noted they weren’t really tweeting much on the hike because they were all too busy trying to breath and also service is bad at the top of a mountain.

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No, YOU’RE a little cheeky.

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Wills and Kate’s Royal Tour of India and Bhutan, Day Five: Emilia Wickstead, Paul & Joe, Tory Burch

And we’ve arrived in Bhutan! It looks amazing. This is the trip of a lifetime (all of the royals reporters I follow on Twitter are tweeting with a barely restrained undercurrent of “holy shit I can’t believe I’m here,” as would I in their shoes). If any of you have been in Bhutan, please tell us all about it. It’s only been open to tourists since 1974, and, if I understand correctly, you must go with a previously approved tour group. Other than the inherent interest in this location, today’s events are very interesting (as ever, our friends at What Kate Wore have excellent coverage of some of the pertinent details), and involve both archery and a cape. TWO OF MY FAVORITE THINGS. Also involved: a quasi-kira for Kate (which is a traditional Bhutanese garment), and a mug that I covet mightily.

PS: As a general note, recently comments about this tour have gotten somewhat contentious. That happens with Kate posts occasionally, for whatever reason; it’s part of the cycle of life, and in the grand scheme of things, it’s no big deal. People are invested and interested in the subject, and overall, that is a good thing. However, I’d just like to reiterate that while disagreement — with me, or your fellow posters — is welcome (wouldn’t it be boring if we all agreed?), please disagree civilly, and give your fellow posters the benefit of the doubt that they’re trying to do that as well. I think these royal tours are fascinating and fun and we’re all here because we enjoy something about them (presumably), so let’s keep it congenial.Thank you!

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Wills and Kate’s Royal Tour of India and Bhutan, Day Four: Zara and TopShop

I had very high hopes for this tour, and so far it’s living up to them. For one thing, I am loving Kate’s wardrobe thus far — all our previous coverage, of course, is here; today is definitely the most boring, clothing-wise– but more than anything, getting to see parts of India has been so tremendous. Today brought elephants! (I love elephants. I have an elephant occasional table in my living room and two little elephant planters and an elephant teapot and elephant salt and pepper shakers. [I also have a ceramic camel, a fabric camel, a leather camel, and three little owl figurines, as well as three ceramic Foo Dogs, and an amazing vintage ceramic mounted deer's head, so apparently I am a person who is sincerely devoted to whimsical zoological decor, and also a hoarder.]) It also brought baby rhinos! And the return of Wills’s beaded belt!

How great does this look? (I’ve wanted to go on a safari for…ever.)

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Wills and Kate’s Royal Tour of India and Bhutan, Day Three: Temperley, Glamorous, and Anna Sui

If you’re counting, that’s one usual brand for Kate; one I’d NEVER have anticipated; and one I thought was just an adjective. Overall, Kate seems to be working a sort of Groovy Hot 70s Mom thing in India, and I am really responding to it. Colors! Patterns! New shapes! (Boring shoes, but such is life.) It’s a wonderful change (even if it’s not to your own personal tastes). And we’ve got a LOT to cover today. First, Wills and Kate met with some of Mumbai’s homeless and vulnerable kids at Salaam Baalak Trust (I really recommend reading that article about that charity; it’s short), then had lunch with the Prime Minister, Narenda Modi, before flying to their event at Kaziranga National Park, which LOOKS AMAZING, and where I believe they are staying. (I actually think they may be staying here, specifically, and it looks tremendous. Let’s all go!) Anyway, whilst there, they attended a celebration of the Assemese New Year, called Bohah Bihu (which Wiki told me actually falls on the 14th this year, so this must be Bohah Bihu Observed, unless I am misunderstanding, which is always possible), at which they appear to be having an amazing time, and which looks like a really memorable life moment.  At one of the events earlier in this tour, Wills gave a speech where he said that Kate told him, when they were just married, that India was the first place she wanted to visit and I think that might have been my response as well if my new royal spouse had asked me, “precious treasure, what is your dream state trip?” Kate’s life has a lot of drawbacks (like the intense scrutiny – note yesterday’s Wind Kerfuffle – and never getting to go anywhere with dirty hair), but getting to do a trip like this is amazing privilege and an unforgettable life experience.

In case you’ve missed any earlier dispatches from the road, you can read them all here.

(PS:  Given that I got kind of philosophical up there, this seems like as good a time as any to remind you — or let you know — that the paperback of The Royal We comes out two weeks from today! Pre-order it, and enjoy Nick, Bex, and Freddie before you know it.)

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Wills and Kate’s Royal Tour of India and Bhutan, Day Two, Part Two: Emilia Wickstead and Temperley London

In case you missed the first part of today’s coverage, it lives here. It’s mostly me storming off in a huff in the middle of the night, though. THIS is basically your real post. And now that I’ve had time to live with it, I don’t hate Kate’s Boob Flaps on her first look of the day as much as I did last night, although I still think they are a mistake. Last night, I hated them with a raging, boiling passion and this morning, it’s more of a dull simmer of irritation. It helps that she wore her second look of the day to a birthday party (for the Queen) wherein a cake was cut with a sword, and said second look was GREAT. Let’s start with the good.

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