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Royally Played, Kate Middleton in Goat (Sadly, not WITH Goat)

Last time she went to this event, she played volleyball in giant wedges. Last time she wore this designer, a little girl gave her a painting. This outing had neither wicked volleyball spikes NOR adorable artwork from talented children, but it did have new boots and lots of athletes and I like both of those things.

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Royally Played: The (Somber) Hats of Remembrance Day

Sunday is Remembrance Day in the UK,* and there was naturally much ceremony (apparently, the Queen got a round of applause, presumably at least in part because there was a foiled alleged assassination attempt this week and everyone was on high alert at this event as well). Let us look at the (appropriately) very serious hats, and also at some poppies, because I am obsessed with that Tower Poppies exhibit — which is apparently going to go on tour.  No Prince Harry today as he went to Afghanistan to observe with British troops, which is an excellent excuse for being absent indeed.

*We here in the United States, of course, observe Veteran’s Day on Tuesday. GFY is not taking a long weekend, so please drop by as usual.

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Royally Played: Wills and Kate in Wales. With Bonus Harry. Also THE GOAT.

‘Tis officially Royal Coat and Boot season. Even the goat is wearing one. Oh, yes. We’ve got a goat sighting. UNEXPECTED!

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Royals Round-Up, November 7, 2014


Well, we have loads to cover today. Put on your tiara, and let’s get right to it. There are A LOT of three-piece suits ahead, and a lot of pictures of Prince Harry, as I went on kind of a…downloading rampage. As a scheduling note: Wills and Kate have several events on the schedule for weekend, which I plan to cover in a timely-ish, pre-Monday, fashion, so if you have a spare moment in between whatever you like to get up to on the weekends (gardening? decoupage? NaNoWriMo? solving crimes? heavy drinking?), pop on by and see what has transpired.



Royals Round-Up, October 31, 2014

First off, in case you missed it, we had some Prince Harry earlier this week, although this slideshow ALSO has EVEN MORE Prince Harry for you. It also brings you HATS and TIARAS and SHEEP and SANDWICHES and WEIRD STATUES HUGGING.

Elsewhere of interest, can I direct you to the following?


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Your Afternoon Man, Prince Harry

I feel like no one has buttoned or unbuttoned his suit jacket in a long time. Too long:
Prince Harry Attends The Service Of Remembrance And Re-Dedication For Members Of The Victoria Cross And George Cross Association

These photos where taken, per the Informative Photo Caption, at “the service of remembrance and re-dedication for members of the Victoria Cross and George Cross Association at St. Martin-in-the-Fields.” Hence the medals (they are, for those of you keeping score/just super into medals right now, the Operational Service Medal for Afghanistan, The Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee Medal, and the The Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal).

Full length (don’t want to deprive you):

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