Yes, the Queen is back; no, she’s not wearing a mask; yes, I also personally think that’s ill-advised; yes, I’m aware that I’m not in charge of British health guidelines and ergo this is out of my purview; yes, it also seems likely everyone got tested before breathing on the Queen. There, let’s consider that argument done and dusted!

Earlier here this week:

We covered Princess Margaret’s wedding!

And Kate had an engagement.


This is important and highly newsworthy stuff, and I wish more people were talking about this. Via The Guardian: Thailand protests: Government declares state of emergency after demonstrators confront royal family

At Vanity Fair: The Crown’s Prince Charles and Princess Di: An Exclusive Visit With Royalty

At History Extra, a really interesting piece about the fall of the Sikh empire. 

As part of her ongoing conversations in their NextGen Summit, Meghan spoke to Fortune about social media. [Harper’s Bazaar]

Bea’s new husband Edoardo gave a pretty interesting interview to the Financial Times. He’s got great taste. He also admits to being in the Blue Suit Enthusiasts Club.

At The Adventurine: Diana: Her Jewelry Story

On social:

Kate looks super here:

I LOVE this top on Meghan (actually, I think it is a bodysuit):

I obviously also appreciate these stripes!!

This is cute!

This is neat:


This is sweet:

Let me translate this below caption for you, with some help from Google: “As patron of the Global Fashion Agenda, H.K.H. The Crown Princess attended CFS +, which is a digital summit focusing on sustainable fashion.⁣ ⁣From 12-13 October , CFS+ gather key stakeholders from across the global fashion industry, experts, NGOs, media and politicians to discuss sustainable solutions in the fashion industry. The digital meeting includes videos, a digital matchmaking platform for fashion companies and a number of panel debates.⁣ Prior to CFS +, the Crown Princess participated in a conversation with CEO of Global Fashion Agenda Eva Kruse, which was shown at the summit today.⁣”

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