Happy Friday! If you’re voting by mail, don’t forget to return your ballots ASAP and make sure you check what your state’s guidelines are! California’s Ballot Trax just confirmed that mine was received and will be counted this morning!

Do you need a new plaid coat? Probably.

At the New Yorker: The United States of Dolly Parton

The Tonys are gonna be real weird this year, given that, like….we don’t know when it’s going to occur and also a lot of Broadway did not happen and ergo I guess Aaron Tveit has already won? [NYT]

At WaPo: Here’s a list of the 10 greatest works of journalism of the past 10 years.

CNN reports: Coca-Cola is discontinuing Tab after nearly 60 years. There is a very small cache of people who is going to be very upset about this. I remember in the mid-90s, I had an English professor who loved Tab and he was on a listserv — it was, again, 1996 — where people shared where to source it. I thought of him today! (Although I could not remember his name.)

Relevant to ME: A Man, A Megaphone, and a Mission to Shame the Astros [NYT]

This is a FASCINATING piece about BTS and the South Korean stock market. [Lainey]

Vulture has a good profile with Sohla El-Waylly.

We’re quoted in this! At Elle: The Couch Is The New Step-and-Repeat. Where Does That Leave Fashion?

The NYT reports Customers Still Like to Shop in Person, Even if They Get Only to the Curb

Also at Lainey, WE NEED THIS: The Return of Rom-Com Sandra

Interesting, at The Atlantic: Why British Police Shows Are Better

Over at Celebitchy, this is the kind of celeb gossip I NEED in these troubled times: Kate Hudson & Gwyneth Paltrow gossip about which costars were good kissers

OH GOD I agree with this: Long Live the Room-Service Club Sandwich.  I miss it so much!!

This gives me anxiety. At Smithsonian Magazine: Eleven Historic Places in America That Desperately Need Saving

I had to have Heather explain this whole Dominic West/Lily James thing to me the other day because I only kept seeing bits and pieces of it. Pajiba takes on The Tragic Allure of the Celebrity Cheating Scandal

Kim France rounded up some very cute masks at Girls of a Certain Age

This is quite old, at Collectors Weekly, but also TIMELESS: Treasures of the Incomparable Pforzheim Jewelry Museum

You know I love election swag! Inside the Biden-Harris Merch Machine: Where High Fashion, Sweatshirts, and Flyswatters Mix [Town & Country]