Get ready for kids in costumes! (Or, I guess, technically tiny uniforms?)

ICYMI, we’re covering The Crown!

We also admired a historical royal cloak.


This is a great piece at Messy Nessy Chic about Black princesses through history.

At the LA Times: The Thai king’s companion vanished after upsetting the queen. Now she’s back in the spotlight 

At Vanity Fair: Charles and Diana’s Awkward Courtship Was Nothing Compared to These Historical Royal Engagements

At GQ: The Crown Dives Into the Powerful Mediocrity of Royal Style

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Elle has a cool Behind the Scenes of making Diana’s wedding gown for The Crown.

At People: Prince William Breaks Silence on Investigation Into Princess Diana’s Panorama Interview

At Harper’s Bazaar: Prince Harry Speaks to the Veteran Community During the Stand Up for Heroes Virtual Event

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This is a great cause!


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I feel like the Wessexes might need their own social media:


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This was a wonderful project and right in Kate’s wheelhouse, and also I need someone to have her step just to the right a litttttttle bit so she’s centered in this video!!!!

It’s Trouser Season:

It’s ALWAYS cloak season:

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